Things Fall Apart

In other news:

The FYG’s leg incisions were leaking enough (sorry) that she went back to the doctor to be sure she didn’t need stitches after all.  She didn’t, but they bandaged her up a little more.

The Ladybug is walking- we’re guessing that *if* it was a fracture on her leg (which even the radiologist wasn’t sure of), it was so slight and she’s so young and healthy that the week or so she spent splinted healed it up just fine.

Benny the dog ate one of the FYB’s laying hens.

The HM got a summer job working for his old boss, but at a different grocery store in a town about 30 minutes from here.  His boss didn’t ask him to shave his beard, but he figured it was the right thing to do anyway, so he did (customers tend not to like their grocery workers bearded).   No official word on what he’ll be doing in the fall- he’s still praying and hoping for an emergency credential to take over full time in the classroom where he’s been working as an aide while he wraps up the last couple of classes he needs for his education degree/teaching credentials.

The dishwasher and the microwave both broke last week.  A friend came out and did some electrical work for us and they are working again.

My Bosch bread mixer broke over a year ago. It’s very frustrating.  It was my best food processor, too.  My husband replaced the food processor, but all i have for mixing dough is a puny hand held mixer that I just remembered isn’t even mine- it belongs to one of the older girls so I need to replace that, too.  My Bosch was over 20 years old.  I miss the bread dough hooks.  I miss the large capacity food processor that I could not break or kill.

A while back we had this deal where the FYG and I were sharing my cell phone, but basically, as it turned out, I no longer have a cell phone.  I want one that does everything but I want it to cost almost nothing.  any suggestions?

My laptop screen died this morning.  I’m using an older, clunkier, slower laptop that cannot be unplugged because the battery is useless.


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