News and Headlines from Last Week

Just read: Sudan releases Merriam! State Dep’t meeting tomorrow:

The Middle East:
Honestly, I am so horrified by what’s happening all over the Middle East that I have neither the heart nor stomach to give it the attention it deserves.

ISIS Issues Mandate To Single Mosul Women: “Mujahideen Have Right To Rape You”   #YesAllWomen will be showing their support for women of Mosul in 3, 2, never.

Iraq’s Christian Exodus – Jamie Dettmer reports from Iraq 

Ted Cruz to President Obama: Demand the Release of Meriam Ibrahim 

I guess her hashtag is #YesAllWomenButThisOne.  =(

Even Politico calls Obama the man who broke the Middle East.

The Consequences Of Syria. “The Syrian civil war is no longer the Syrian civil war. It’s a regional war that started in Syria, has expanded into Lebanon and Iraq, and has drawn in the Iranians and to a lesser extent the Kurds and the Israelis. Wars in North Africa tend to stay local, but wars in the Levant spill over and suck in the neighbors. There’s no reason to believe this war has finished expanding or that an end is in sight.”

The Central American Migration Issue:

Border patrol is restricting media access for, IMO, bogus reasons:

Gov’t may move many migrant children to empty monetary in Chicago:

Border Patrol dealt w/378 unaccompanied children ages two or younger, 95 younger than 1 yr. since Oct. Lord have mercy.

Children from Honduras as young as five are being kept in U.S. holding cells and treated worse than Gitmo prisoners 

DHS solicited vendor bids to handle 65,000 unaccompanied minors — back in January!

Oops: Officials seeking shelter for young illegal immigrants thought hotel was vacant …

Fed won’t reveal # of children held or released, or where they are being sent. 

I am in favor of open borders, but I am also in favor of facts, and there are some distinct differences. 

There seem to be more unaccompanied children this time because the President has told this group of immigrants that he won’t deport children. That, like most left policies, *sounds* kind but is actually horrifying in its obvious consequences and ought to be causing concern for everybody, left and right. It’s grossly irresponsible as it places those children is serious danger of abuse and exploitation. 

Another difference is that coming by ship limits the geographical access points, so immigration officials in the past could screen those coming in more easily.

Those in the past were not told by our President that he’d ignore existing laws on their behalf.

And in the past, immigrants who came were dreaming of freedom. of the social mobility America has always provided (Liars like Zinn to the contrary). With current entitlement programs, we entice people not to work hard, but to come for the free programs, which give everybody a sense of entitlement and undermine a sense of personal responsibility and hard work over time. 

This last concern- the way our entitlement programs created a nation of childish and selfish dependents is, at this point, a bigger problem for those born here. One of the reasons businesses continue to hire illegal immigrants isn’t the pay, it’s that the hispanic illegal immigrants are known to be hard workers, unlike American employees.

Hilary Clinton:

“Contrary to what you may have heard over the past week, Clinton’s successful defense of the rapist Thomas Alfred Taylor is not “old news.” On the contrary: For a CV that has been scrutinized so closely, references to the rape case in the public record have been rather thin. One of those references came from Clinton herself. In 2003, when she was a senator from New York, and published her first memoir, Living History, Clinton included a brief mention of the case, mainly as a way to take credit for Arkansas’ first rape crisis hotline. And in 2008, Glenn Thrush—then at Newsday—wrote a lengthy article on the subject.

Don’t remember it? There’s a reason. “My then-editor appended a meaningless intro to the story, delayed and buried it because, in his words, ‘It might have an impact,’” Thrush said in a June 15 tweet. Well, the editor got his way. It didn’t have an impact.”

From the same link:

” I did not expect, when I arrived at the office Wednesday, to find a letter from a dean of the University of Arkansas sitting on my desk, informing me that the Free Beacon’s research privileges had been suspended because we failed to fill out a permission slip, that we were in violation of the University of Arkansas’ “intellectual property rights,” and demanding that we remove the audio of the Hillary tapes from our website. (Both the letter from Dean Allen and the response of the Free Beacon’s lawyers can be read below.)

Now, we obtained these materials without having to fill out any forms and without being provided a copy of any university “policy.” The university has yet to prove that it owns the copyright to the Reed audio. Nor has it explained how, exactly, that audio does not fall under fair use. And remember, too, that the institution protesting our story is a library—which ostensibly exists for the sole purpose of spreading knowledge and literacy and information and print and audio and visual media. That is what libraries are for, isn’t it?

Puzzling. Less puzzling, though, when I discovered that the author of the letter, Dean Carolyn Henderson Allen, was a donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, and that the University of Arkansas Chancellor, David Gearhart, is a former student of the Clintons, and that his brother, Van Gearhart, worked at the same legal aid clinic as Clinton at the time of the Taylor case.”

“No matter your view of Hillary Clinton, no matter your position on legal ethics, the recording of the Reed interview is news. It tells us something we did not already know. It tells us that, when her guard was down, Clinton found the whole disturbing incident a trifling and joking matter. And the fact that so many supposedly sophisticated and au courant journalists and writers have dismissed the story as nothing more than an attorney “doing her job” is, I think, equally disturbing. Dana Bash to the contrary notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton was not forced to take on Taylor as a client. It was her choice—and not, for her, a hard one. Certainly that complicates our understanding of the former first lady as an unrelenting defender and advocate of women and girls.”

I don’t really have a problem with Hillary defending a child rapist even though she believed he was guilty. The principle that even the guilty are entitled to a sound defense is a strong Constitutional principle that keeps us all safe from kangaroo courts and rail-roading judges (or should).  I do object the Clinton camp lying to us and telling us she ‘had’ to- she didn’t, she wasn’t required to take the case, she did it as a favor for a friend.  And I am offended at the way she breaches client privilege on those tapes and I am horrified by the way she chuckles over the case.

That 12 y.o. rape victim, now 52,says Hillary put her ‘through hell.’ Heartbreaking story.

Part of Clinton’s strategy was the old ‘attack the victim,’ and challenge her credibility: ““I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing,” Clinton, then named Hillary D. Rodham, wrote in the affidavit. “I have also been informed that she has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body. Also that she exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.”

Clinton also wrote that a child psychologist told her that children in early adolescence “tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences,” especially when they come from “disorganized families, such as the complainant.”

One of her attackers was never charged. The other is the one Clinton defended, getting the rape charges plea bargained down to ‘fondling a child,’ and he spent less than a year in prison.

This is what these men did to their 12 year old victim:

““When I heard that tape I was pretty upset, I went back to the room and was talking to my two cousins and I cried a little bit. I ain’t gonna lie, some of this has got me pretty down,” she said. “But I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to stand up to her. I’m going to stand up for what I’ve got to stand up for, you know?”

In her interview with The Daily Beast, she recounted the details of her attack in 1975 at age 12 and the consequences it had for both her childhood and adult life. A virgin before the assault, she spent five days afterwards in a coma, months recovering from the beating that accompanied the rape, and over 10 years in therapy. The doctors told her she would probably never be able to have children.”

And Hillary Clinton chuckles over how she managed to get this child rapist back on the streets.

I do have a problem with Hillary herself, many of them, actually.  One is that four years *before* theLewinsky scandal when Hillary publicly blamed that ‘vast rightwing conspiracy,’ and said on television that of course, if the allegations proved to be true the American public would have reason to be upset, the Clintons had already written memos on how to deal w/Bill’s sex scandals because they knew he had a problem (I mean, how could they not know?)

She’s kind of backed down from her claims of having left the White House ‘dead broke,’ and struggling, although she still claims that really, even though, yes, she owns several houses, and yes, she gets 200,000 Thousand dollars for appearing at corporate retreats, she’s just one of the plebes.

I don’t really begrudge her the money they have. I just resent her pretending that she’s known poverty (her husband has, as a child.  She, never), and the hypocrisy.

Authoritarian Library Demands Censorship After Publication of Anti-Clinton Files 



Watergate: independent-minded special prosecutor appointed. IRS: none.

“It’s a beautiful thing when the IRS can destroy all evidence of wrongdoing, then use as a defense that there’s no evidence of wrongdoing.” Via Twitter

Paul Ryan: “is there any decent IT guy at the IRS we can talk to?” IRS: “No, he got accidentally lit on fire. Craziest thing.” Twitter

Missing 18½ minutes of tape: SMOKING GUN!!! Missing 2 years of email, hard drive recycled, backup/storage company cancelled: phony scandal. source

IRS had a contract which would have preserved Lerner’s emails (and those of the other six employees which are now lost, coincidentally, six other employees implicated in the IRS abuse of power and egregious overstepping of authority) Email archive company Sonasoft has backup of all emails since 2005 …

IRS cancelled contract with email backup company right after Lerner’s computer “crash”, recycled the back up tapes, and destroyed the hard drive- all about ten days after Congress first requested the emails.  More here.

million dollar bounty for information leading to the conviction of IRS ringleaders.. …

Sarbanes-Oxley requires public companies to keep all email for 5 years. Destruction = 20 yrs in fed prison. I would love to see jail time for this, but I doubt it will happen.

IRS says it was OK to lose Lerner’s emails because they weren’t “records.” Wrong, under IRS’s own guidelines: …

“White House Learned of Lerner’s Crashed Hard Drive 6 Weeks Before Congress”: 

I hate that, too: I HATE it when me & a bunch of other people have simultaneous unrelated server crashes which delete data we were just subpoenaed to provide.

IRS Commissioner, in March testified under oath that Lerner’s Emails Are ‘Stored in Servers’ 

Dems probably not too concerned about “lost” emails because Dems were in those emails 

If it were Sarah Palin’s emails missing, the media would care. IRS abuse of power? Shrug. 

The IRS scandal is working for the IRS because they know that they are part of a government that no longer can be held accountable.  If you are one of the dolts who believed that this whole mess was just a rogue office in Ohio, you are one of the useful idiots who made this lack of accountability possible.

Other government scandals:

all 470 senior execs at the VA were rated “fully successful” or higher the last 4 years …

Intentional destruction of govt. computer files. Not IRS but EPA. New finding. 

NSA program taps huge flow of world’s private data, equivalent to 5,400 HD movies every minute 

Report: California Illegally Sterilized Dozens of Female Inmates 

Mom of Marine held in Mexico says she hasn’t heard from Obama admin

Global Warming:

Scandal- global warming data falsified. Earth’s been cooling since 1930’s.

It would be nice if this actually changed anything, but it won’t.  The success of this scam goes too deep.



This was beautiful: Former Kansas lead singer has a gorgeous video out about his daughter’s birth-mother:

Czech Govt Adviser. called Disabled Babies “Monsters,” Said to Euthanize Them. At least he was forced to resign.

Accident at sea. Assuming you can save only one other, do you save your dog or a human stranger first? Why?   I find the answers of most people to be alarming and disturbing- and selfish.  On my FB page where I posted this, somebody pointed out that in the comments at the link many people explain they would choose the dog because the dog loves them while the humans probably wouldn’t give them the time of day- so it’s clearly not about the compassionate heart of those animal lovers- it’s selfish to the bone.

Planned Parenthood Ignores 71 Studies Linking Abortion, Breast Cancer 

Reminder: early feminists were mostly pro-life, and did not consider abortion access inherently feminist.

Images Of Human Life In The Womb 

One-Child Policy Drives Chinese Father of Four to Commit Suicide So His “Illegal” Kids Can Attend School 



Walmart fact-checked the New York Times article, since the Times didn’t.  It was pretty  funny:
And yes, I do shop at Walmart. The nearest alternative is 40 miles away, plus, I prefer to save my money..



I’m really not into sports that much, but yesterday’s World Cup game between US and Portugal was a doozy (being the weirdo I am, I mostly ‘watched’ via twitter updates).  And, as I told my highly offended son, Jeremaine Jones’ goal was very, very pretty:

My son didn’t like my choice of adjectives.  But pretty fits. It was elegant, beautiful, a  very pretty shot.

The final goal was made in the final second of the game, when Varella dramatic and impressive head shot gave Portugal a tie.   The pass that gave Varella the ball was not pretty, but it was impressive:

Pop Culture:

Tim Lambesis of Xtian band As I Lay Dying, was recently charged with trying to hire somebody to kill his wife.  He says has been an atheist for yrs. Says so are most Xtian bands he’s met.

I don’t really know who he is. I pretty much listen exclusively to K-Pop and murder ballads. Don’t judge. Okay, I take that back.. You can judge if you like.  But anyway, it’s pretty interesting to read the above link where he basically shares his steps to leaving his faith, and then read this link where Keller makes that connection as well.

I know this isn’t technically pop culture, but I dunno, our national pastime of stupid lawsuits may be part of our pop culture after all.  There’s a class action lawsuit because people are upset to learn that Greek yogurt isn’t, gasp, made in Greece.  It’s antecedents may not even be Greek.

Can we have a lawsuit because Lucky Charms aren’t actually lucky?

Still awaiting citizenship confirmation, but I now suspect my Belgian Waffles may not be Belgian at all.

I was just noticing that I have some sweetened, chewable Vitamin D pills by a company called NatureMade. I am suddenly struck by the suspicion that perhaps nature did not make these purple, grape flavored pills.

Other readers shared more of these shocking discoveries on the FB page.

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