Baby Bumblebee

The Equuschick’s ultrasound came back showing no kidney stones, but a bruised kidney and possible indications she had had a kidney stone or two and already passed them.

They are still at our house because her back still hurts.

The Bumblebee and I have been bonding. Here she is waking up from a nap:



Here she is heading for Grandma’s treat tin. Her favorite treat from the tin is Xylitol Licorice Mints, which she calls ‘ish,’ when she isn’t pointing and smiling winsomely at me because that also works.



Earlier her drawers were hanging even lower, and her Uncle helped her pull them while saying something about a Baby Thug warning and suggesting we put in shades and a wife beater shirt. Only he said it should be a husband beater shirt for her.

He has a new summer job that he’s super stoked about, the Boy.  The farmer up the road wants him to help tear down a house.  A whole house.  It’s a perfect job for the Boy.   He told me about it and immediately began belting out his own rendition of “I came in like a wrecking ball!”

This prompted one of his big sisters who was visiting at the time to give him the Noona Glare and tell him firmly, “But you *will* wear clothes.”

He is too ebullient about being paid to destroy a house to be offended by this.

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