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ACLJ: Reports that Christian Mother Re-Arrested in Sudan and Her Family Now in Custody “Deeply Troubling” http://aclj.org/radical-islam/aclj-reports-christian-mother-re-arrested-in-sudan-her-family-now-in-custody-deeply-troubling …

City cracks down on 9-year-old for opening a free library in his front yard http://thkpr.gs/1m5tHqN 

Trey Gowdy: How can you say no crimes committed if you haven’t looked at criminal code?
IRS Commish: Common sense.
Me: Can we use that if the IRS audits us?

Of course not.  Furthermore, Gowdy pointed to some specific actions that violated a specific criminal code. and the IRS commissioner’s response to that was that he was unfamiliar with that code. In fact, on further questioning, he basically admitted that all he was really saying is that he had committed no crimes.

Trey Gowdy: Carney said it was 2 rogue agents in Ohio. Was that accurate?
IRS Commish, “Not that I know of.”



IRS Commissioner Koskinen also said the missing emails were proof the IRS needs more money.  He said They would need to be given an additional  $10 to $30M to upgrade computers so they could stop losing emails.
The IRS paid $89M in bonuses last year alone, and has $1.8 billion IT budget. They spent fifty thousand dollars just to make a dumb Star Wars video for an in-house commercial.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2666413/House-Republicans-subpoena-White-House-lawyer-missing-emails-case-IRS-commissioner-prepares-prime-time-grilling.html#ixzz35WEy4DZr


This was a really good read:

The sexual exploitation of kids is not merely the ‘dark side’ of the sexual revolution, it is in fact its logical conclusion. http://www.singlemind.net/?p=8456


Marion Zimmer Bradley (author of the Darkover books and The Mists of Avalon) had great literary talent. But what to say? NO talent cancels child sex abuse. http://bit.ly/1nwiYtw

From the comments: “never be afraid to see what you see.” If it looks suspicious, it probably is.
Even then, one must have the moral courage to do the right thing.
Sadly, there will always be evil people seeking to do very bad things to others.


Her husband was a member of NAMBLA and she knew he was molesting a 14 year old boy when they married.  She covered for him for years. It was a loosely kept secret in all the sci-fi /fantasy circles in which they ran that he had a penchant for boys.  But she also abused her own children, which was not quite so well known. Even then, those who did know kept her secret, and even today, now that the children are adults who have gained the strength to speak up, some of Bradley’s fans still defend her.  Her daughter wrote a heartbreaking poem about the words ‘she did the best she could.’


Whistleblower says that the VA is still fiddling the records and it is to hide the number of Veterans who have died waiting for care.

Mexico’s cartels and their role in child border crossings.http://thebea.st/1q1fJhe

168 children arrested in child trafficking case. Most weren’t even reported missing.

This. This is the sort of thing I worry about for the Central American children who have been irresponsibly lured to cross our borders by our own politicians for their own selfish purposes.

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