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Various and Sundry Updates

    The Princess Peach ate a firecracker, but she’s okay. The Striderling says he LIKES obnoxious noises so much.  He calls his baby sister Little Precious.  When stuck on playground equipment he called for his mom, saying “Mommy, I’m dropping myself!” Their youngest sibling is seven months old and pulling herself up to standing […]

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Remember those who are in prison… Hebrews 13:3

I’ve mentioned this before on the blog’s FB page, but we need to keep this in the forefront of our prayers and there are actions we can take. Dr. Meriam Ibrahim  is married to an American citizen.  She has been imprisoned in Khartoum. She has been sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging for […]

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A Budget of Books- Free and Low Priced Kindle Titles

Budget, from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: A bag; a little sack, with its contents. Hence, a stock or store; as a budget of inventions. Scroll down for the usual caveats and background information The books in this section are not free (scroll down for those). Some of them are daily deals, some of then are just […]

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Narcissist in Chief Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Credit. Um, WHAT?

Ha. Watch this video: Whitehouse spokesperson Jen Psaki actually, and with a perfectly straight face, tells a roomful of reporters that “Obama Just Doesn’t Give Himself Credit.” The reporters?  They cannot maintain the straight faces. They ask her for examples.  She names some foreign relations activities. Reporters point out that in her examples, Obama either […]

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71 Respectable Members of Society Arrested in Child Porn Sting: What Can We Learn?

Recent child porn sting nabs 70 high profile, secular professionals- police officers, paramedics, a Little League coach, a nurse… “One of the men caught was a Boy Scout den leader and little league coach- “The arrest came as a shock to neighbors, who described Silber as a “typical Rockland neighbor.””Surprised? I was shocked,” said Vic […]

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