This Kid

Recently he’d been on the receiving end of some ribbing from some of my friends about his big head, which ribbing he had taken with good grace, and more evidence of a swollen head, btw.

You may have seen this commercial:

my son kia soul hamster commercial


My friends watched it and then sent it to the rest of us and asked if the middle hamster reminded us of anybody.   Most of us said the middle hamster reminded us of The Boy- long skinny legs, fashionably short slim slacks, style, and, of course, the big head.

“Don’t forget the moves,” the Boy said to me.

“And the moves” posted one of my friends at about the same time.

“I’ve got lots of them,” the Boy posted right back.


A few days later The Boy was telling me a funny story about some guy he admires who is a jack of all trades and quite a competent cook, which skill had recently come in handy for him.  That reminded me of the Chinese model and one of the dads in the Chinese version of Daddy, Where Are You Going, Zhang Liang- also known as Sean Zhang.

Zhang Liang went a cooking school for a year as a teen, and then started working as a cook when he was about 16.  Later he went in to modeling, mainly just to pay the rent at first.


He turned out to be pretty successful at it.

That’s what got him his gig on the Chinese variety show.  The internationally successful model’s background as a cook was a surprise on the show, and it ended up coming in handy for a couple of the challenges the father/child teams were given.

As I finished telling the story to my son, without really thinking about it, I absently-mindedly said to my son, “Maybe you could do something like that to help pay your bills when you go to college. You have the build for it.”

Even as I my mouth was moving, was brain was saying STOP, but the mouth wasn’t listening.  It seldom is.

My son nonchalantly agreed that yes, he had the right build for it, and if he ate more healthy food choices, he’d have the complexion for it, too.

I laughed and said that maybe modeling was not such a great idea after all- it might give him an even bigger head.

He looked surprised, and then he thought about it for a minute.

“I don’t think so, Mom,” he said seriously.  “I would not feel conceited about telling people I modeled clothes for spending money.  I might even be embarrassed about it.  What would make me insufferably proud of myself is if I could say, ‘I get paid to jump out of helicopters.’*

Good to know.

If you haven’t seen the commercial. Here it is:

And yes, that could totally be my son in the center, big head, moves, and all.

Posted with the Boy’s approval, as always.  In fact, I submitted it to him first to see if I had remembered things accurately enough.  He informed me, “Well, what I actually said was jump out of airplanes, but helicopters does sound even cooler.”

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  1. Veronica
    Posted April 21, 2014 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    Haha! I love you guys. I don’t even know you but I wish I did!

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