FYG and FYB Hijinks

dining room to sun roomThis is is our sunroom as seen from the diningroom.

Incidentally, this picture (the one on the left) was taken before we finally got walls up in the sunroom.  For about six years it was just insulation and boards, and what an eyesore it was.

Then the HM was given a bunch of light green boards that were perfect for the sunroom walls, and while I was out of town with the youngest two on a camping trip, he hired somebody to come put in walls.

This is what it looks like now, if you are standing in the doorway looking straight in:

sunroom front
The doors between dining room and sunroom are sliding glass patio doors because I could not make the builder or my husband understand I was serious about having a second story deck with a sunroom beneath it until the last possible moment.They lock on the dining room side. (Incidentally, one wall of the sunroom is the same outer siding as the rest of the house, and there the only light the building put in is a porchlight on that wall, but that’s not part of this story).

Looking to the right (you can see the siding and the porchlight here, btw):
Sunroom right

The FYG likes to do her schoolwork in the sunroom during the winter because the wood stove is there.  When there’s a fire in the stove, it’s obviously the warmest room in the house.

schoolwork by the fire

Keep in mind that the doors between dining room and sunroom lock on the dining room side, and surely you see where we’re heading?

Yep.  This last winter (by which we mean up until last Tuesday or so) the FYB was been locking his youngest big sister in the sunroom for fun.  She doesn’t mind, because he’d forgotten that one of the windows has no screen, thanks the Equuschick’s dog Benny (a stray who was dumped here a while ago).  She just waits until the Boy is not around, opens a window, steps out, closes the window, and then lets herself in one of the side doors to the house.

Why does she wait until he is not around?  To keep him guessing.  It worked for a while, too. The Boy has been most puzzled, and she had him convinced he just wasn’t locking the door properly.

One day he finally figured it out, so he locked all the outside doors, too.

The FYG had her cell phone with her, so she just called one of the other big sisters, who was upstairs, to come release her.  She tried calling me on the landline, too, but the FYB saw that one coming, and ran to answer the phone. He told me it was just the FYG, harassing him.

Later that same day, the foolish lad went into the sunroom to get a school book.

You see where we’re heading?

FYG locked him in.


He climbed out through the window that has no screen.  He must have tried at least one door, then remembered  they had all been locked by himself, when he’d previously locked them to keep the FYG noona out.

Memory verses for the day:

Psalm 57:6: … they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah.

Psalm 7;15- He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.

Job 4:8
As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.


However, instead of trying all the doors, he got the ladder, climbed up on the roof of the garage and then slithered in through an upstairs window.

the ladder stayed there a long time.

the ladder stayed there a long time.

Next he tried to get me to side with him, tattling that not only had the FYG locked him in the sun-room, but making the accusation (which he half believed by this time) that she’d locked all the outside doors, too.  She scoffed at that one, telling him she hadn’t touched any of them, they were all just still locked from when he did it.

boy derpface

“No, I-“

“Ohhhhhhhh.  Yeah.” He grinned.

"I did do that, didn't I?"

“I did do that, didn’t I?”

I sometimes wonder what sort of exaggerated stories they are going to tell their own Progeny about what they did to each other when they were young.   But I guess they probably won’t need to exaggerate.

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  1. Elizabeth S
    Posted April 11, 2014 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    Hilarious! Thank you for sharing… I can’t figure out if this makes me look forward to or dread the time when my son is a bit older. 🙂

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