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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

What repentance does and doesn’t look like: If an abuser denies their sin, and calls their victim a liar, then he or she is not repentant. If an abuser acknowledges their sin, but blames the victim for tempting them or taking part in their sin, then he or she is not repentant. If an abuser […]

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Great Grandmother’s Diary, 1951/2

In 1951 my great-grandmother wrote in her journal for the end of April that the roses had frozen back, but many violets were in bloom, as well as the magnolia tree. I don’t even know where the rose bushes were- I don’t remember ever seeing any.  The magnolia still blooms, and there are still violets […]

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How I Organize My Kindle

Somebody asked me this question earlier today, and I thought it was interesting. I’ve talked before about how I organize my real life bookcases, all 8,9, 10 thousand of them.  What do I do with the Kindle titles? Here are my categories, followed by an explanation of the contents: Folk and Fairy Tales and Little […]

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Free4Kindle- mostly light fiction, Christian genre

  All FREE AT THE TIME OF LISTING Scroll down to the bottom for Disclosure and other housekeeping details   NONFICTION: 60 Model Essays I downloaded this and gave it a very cursory skimming- I don’t agreee that it will teach your children truly good essay writing, but it should help them write essays that […]

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Protect Your Children. Don’t Trust Too Much

How child abusers work: Exploitation of Trust I consider church people easy to fool…they have a trust that comes from being Christians.  They tend to be better folks all around and seem to want to believe in the good that exists in people.  I think they want to believe in people.  Because of that, you […]

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