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Putin, Ukraine, the West:

“What we see here are distinctly 19th and 20th century decisions made by President Putin,” said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity to a group of reporters. “But what he needs to understand is that in terms of his economy, he lives in the 21st century world, an interdependent world.”

James Jeffrey, a retired career U.S. diplomat, said that view of Putin’s mindset cripples the United States’ response to the Russian leader. The issue is not that Putin fails to grasp the promise of western-style democratic capitalism. It is that he and other American rivals flatly reject it.

“All of us that have been in the last four administrations have drunk the Kool-Aid,” Jeffrey said, referring to the belief that they could talk Putin into seeing the western system as beneficial. “‘If they would just understand that it can be a win-win, if we can only convince them’ – Putin doesn’t see it,” Jeffrey said. “The Chinese don’t see it. And I think the Iranians don’t see it.”

More on Bill Gothard and how he trained his followers to overlook abuse and be afraid to speak up. Unfortunately, this line of thinking is in many organizations.

When Our Government Commits Fraud: The executive branch has behaved duplicitously in its dealings with Fannie and Freddie’s private shareholders.


John Kerry: Invasion is not the act of somebody who is strong. It is the act of somebody who is weak.  I cannot believe he said that. This is foreign policy as though it’s all just a kindergarten tussle.

The IRS Scandal, Day 299.


Why Obama Got Russia Wrong (and Romney Got It Right). “So you see the politics—they reveal Obama as the player of a cheap trick.”

And don’t miss this.

Or this.


Journalism Review finds Fox actually is more balanced than MSNBC, but of course puts some hilarious spin on that.

Race and sexual identity are not analogous: 

Some things should be obvious, but the further our culture comes unmoored from its biblical roots, the less obvious they are to those who substitute man’s ‘wisdom’ for the Creator’s. And if anybody should know this and be the source for our information, wouldn’t it be the One who designed and created us in the first place?

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