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K-Drama Review: Let’s Eat (Shik Sareul Hapshida- Just Like That)

3. Let’s Eat- which I didn’t expect to like, and I only was going to watch one episode out of curiosity, but I am so hooked.  Mainly it’s because of my growing love for Korean food and scenes like this: And now I am so hungry.  So very, very hungry.  Oh, man.  I have got to […]

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Here’s One Way Not To Tell Your Mother….

“So,” said my son, breezily introducing the topic with a smirk on his face, “Something may or may not have happened.” Me, sucking in my breath as I tried to prepare myself. This is the boy who burned off his eyebrow and scorched his eyelashes not that long ago. “What?” I squeaked, like a mouse […]

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Nod: The Evolution of a Confession

The children were upstairs rough-housing- the children being the four grandbabies who are big enough to walk on their own, Blynken, Nod, and The Boy.   Nod came downstairs gently and chivalrously leading an incoherently sobbing Princess Peach. She is his favorite of the cousins, so I just thought he was being sweet and watching […]

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Why Aren’t We Hearing a Lot More About Leland Yee

I distinctly remember an administration or two back when there were some morals scandals involving both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats generally got a free pass from the media and the Republicans didn’t.  The proffered excuse was that it was totally the hypocrisy, because Republicans were supposed to be the party of family values. I […]

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Happy Birthday Blynken

The HM and I just gave him one of those ball and velcro mitt sets so the boys can play catch with us here or at their mother’s house.  Blynken likes it and he’s played it a couple of times in the last 24 hours. From Granny Tea and the other Progeny he got some […]

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