Grandbabies Are the Best

When your two year old grand-daughter says out of the blue, “Where is our Vivaldi music? I want to listen to Vivaldi!”
And then when you bring it up on the lap top and at first she’s cranky because it’s not what she was thinking in, but then it gets to the part in ‘Spring’ that she recognizes and she lights up like a crocus after a long, cold, winter, and says with delight, “That’s it! That’s Vivaldi Music! I heaw it now!”

You just might be feeling a touch of obnoxious Grandma Pride. You might even feel like boasting on your smart Grand-daughter and the smart Mama who is raising her.


See me resisting?

Incidentally, this is the same child who earlier this morning was caught stealing a piece of her brother’s candy.  Her mommy said, “Come follow me into the living room.”  Still pretending innocence, the child batted her baby blues and shook her Shirley Temple curls  and asked in faux innocent bewilderment, “Why?  Does oo have somet’ing oo want to thay to me?”

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    That’s lovely re Vivaldi. I had one who wrote KRAM in pen outside the back door. No one in the house could possibly have done that, could they, especially MARK, a bit older than your granddaughter.

    My youngest used to come running to me in the morning to tell me to turn radio on quickly. The national broadcaster would have Vivaldi or Bach or Beethoven playing. In his first year at school I was helping in the canteen when his class came in. They were doing aerobics to some music on a player. I could see him in the back row, not very energetic at all. I questioned him later and was told that if they played some decent music, he would have happily done the exercises. The music was Olivia Newton John.

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