Freezer Meal Rotation for Fall

freezer meal cookbook cover2I was working on putting this freezer meal plan into place when we had the accident with the freezer and all kinds of meat had to be cooked quickly in all kinds of ways, most of which weren’t the way I’d planned.  But I didn’t want to just let all my work on this plan go to waste, either.

So I’m putting it into shape for another freezer meals cookbook.  Here are the meals:

  1. Hearty Navy Bean Soup- has a ham hock, but can be vegetarian if required.
  2. Carrot Bean Croquettes- vegetarian
  3. Autumn Vegetable Stew- can be vegetarian or can use a little meat
  4. Taco Bake
  5. Hamburger and Noodles
  6. Coconut Beef Crockpot
  7. Chinese Bar-B-Que Pork
  8. Cabbage rolls, without the rolls
  9. Crockpot pineapple chicken
  10. Crockpot Honey Lentils- vegetarian, or add diced leftover meat if desired.

With this plan, the goal is to make enough of each recipe for 3 meals for a family of about 8-10. That is not only 30 meals for a large family, but I also included some recipes for using and re-using leftovers.  In addition, the BBQ pork, the vegetable stew, and the coconut beef can easily be stretched to make as much as entire extra meal or even more if that is needed.
Of course, you can make less, too, if your family is smaller. Or you could make the amounts called for and have extra meals in your freezer for new neighbors, new mamas, families going through a crisis, somebody who is out of work, or an extra potluck.  Or you could get together with another family and make the meals as I planned them, and split it between your families.  That is how I learned to do once a month cooking the first time- with a friend who, like me, had five small children.  We did it together.

For 30 meals for a large family this plan uses:

Grains and Legumes-
1 lb dried kidney or pinto beans (optional, for stretching the meat in the crockpot taco beef recipe)
10 cups pinto beans, cooked — mashed (about 2.5 pounds of dried beans, or about 7 cans (15 oz) of cooked beans)
About 3 pounds of uncooked brown rice, minimum. I would buy more, because my family has rice as a side dish for about half of our meals. Or you can use cous cous or quinoa for the rice.
9 cups dried navy beans
chick peas or garbanzo beans, 9 cups of cooked- that’s about 6 cans (15 oz each) (I buy these already cooked because they take so much longer to cook than other legumes do).
Lentils (you will want 4 ½ cups)
Pasta: 24 ounces shell or elbow macaroni (uncooked)

ground beef- 17 pounds
1 meaty ham hock
Chicken- 10-12 pounds
pork, 3 pounds- you will be marinating this, so a tough cut is okay (cut into 1/2-inch cubes)
Optional: ham, sausage, or turkey ham (it doesn’t matter that much how much, but about 2-3 pounds, diced for honey lentils and/or autumn stew if you want them to be meat dishes)
stew meat- 6 pounds. You can buy the stew meat ready cut, or you can buy almost any cut of beef and cut it yourself. I prefer kitchen shears for this task. However, don’t tell anybody, but I have used regular scissors for this task as well. I just wash them very, very well between uses.

A complete shopping list with the spices, herbs, and produce used is also included.

As I said, I am formatting this for Kindle.  Before I wrap that project up and list it at Amazon, I’ll share it with five people who think they will be interested and are willing to skim through it for me and let me know if you catch any errors, have any questions, or suggestions.

I’ll email it to you and you can add it to your Kindle or just save it to your computer for your personal use.

If you’re interested, leave a comment below telling me why you are interested.  If you’re really interested, share this drawing on twitter or facebook, and let me know that you did.=)

P.S. we’ve been nominated for the best variety category of the Homeschool Blog Awards!  Please vote.=)


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