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Real Pictures of My Son, BoomBoom

    The story, if you haven’t read it already.   He found a small burn on his wrist today from the incident.  He was wearing gloves, and his gloves have a tiny gap between the strap (which buttons around the wrist) and the rest of the glove, and that’s where the burn is.  Had […]

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What Did He Want to Blow Up With the Gunpowder?

This is a question I have been asked, obviously by people who mean well, and I love them dearly, but they don’t ‘get’ the Boy.   What did he want to blow up? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahah. That’s a hollow, mirthless laugh. What did he want to blow up with the gunpowder? Gunpowder, of course. He just lit […]

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You aren’t going to believe this one

The guilty parties have given me permission to post it. The only thing my son asked is that I not show a picture. (and he changed his mind about that) Oh, sorry.  Were you drinking something?  Put it down. I’m sharing this as part of my therapy, because this is no way to treat a […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On account of Thanksgiving, there shall be regular Brainy Fridays post this week. The Equuschick would like to wish you all a fine holiday week-end! The End.

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Thanksgiving Hymns

Come Ye Thankful People: Come, ye thankful people, come, Raise the song of harvest home; All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin; God our Maker doth provide For our wants to be supplied; Come to God’s own temple, come, Raise the song of harvest home. All the world is God’s own field, […]

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