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There were not very many submissions this week, so I took the liberty of adding some links to homeschool related blogposts on various topics.=)  Hope you find something of use to you here:


Parent as Teacher:

How not to be like Miss Perkins

What’s the atmosphere like in your homeschool?

Parenting special needs children

Christina presents The Deceptive Adversary posted at SPD AND ME SPD AND ME. (Sensory Processing Discorder)

We have a special needs child. She is profoundly retarded and has mild cerebral palsy.  Whatever the unique challenges, most of us will have a day that feels like this one. I hope you if you are having one of those days, weeks, months, this will help.

Nuts and Bolts:

Use what you choose– a frugal homeschooling post from one of the smartest bloggers I know, and one of the most practical.

What does somebody else’s first day of school look like?

Here’s a sample school day at our house– we are only homeschooling our youngest two who are teens. The older five have graduated.

Morning Time, by another of my favorite bloggers.

Early Childhood:

My daughter has a rather unique little man for her firstborn.  When he was just 3 years old he once asked me for some candy.  “Ani,” I told him, which I explained is Korean for no (informally,아니 ).  He stared at me and then asked a sensible question in a sensible tone of voice, “Well,” he said, “Why don’t you learn the Korean word for yes?”  Every week she writes about parenting the busybrained child here on my blog (Fridays).  Here’s one of those posts.


I have six daughters and our youngest child is our only son (we also have two part-time unofficial foster sons who are much younger).  We didn’t intend him to be our last child. We weren’t trying for a boy, it just worked out that way.  He’s a lot of fun, and he’s also quite often a challenge.  Here I shared how a certain effective disciplinary measure in our home has had its downside.=)


This week’s e-book bundle special is the Bible Studies for Kids Bundle

Charlotte Mason and the Bible

Keep it simple– this great post has other applications besides Bible teaching. Every homeschooler, especially enthusiastic beginners, could use this post.


A Broad Sweep of History= a lovely post by my favorite Aussie homeschooler.

Foreign Language

Free resources for teaching and learning sign language

How I taught myself to read Hangul (the Korean alphabet) using only free resources online.


Geography Charlotte Mason style and some great free books to download.

Some of my personal favorite government resources:

A useful tool for this would be Hillsdale College’s free online course about the Constitution.

We are also learning from the Notgrass’ book on government this year.  It’s quite thorough.

We also used Christian Liberty’s Story of the Constitution  last year, and I really like how much my children learned from it, and how much more interested  they have become in topics related to government since reading it.

Homeschoolvspublic school offers The Bill of Rights Part 1, explaining:
” This is the first in a series of post about the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution of the United States. Knowing the basic concepts that our forefathers set in place allows us to better protect those rights from interference.”

Charlotte Mason’s approach to government and civics is explained here.

Are we a Republic, or a Democracy?  Does it matter?  See what you think.


Some of my favorite books for boys

Several times a week I list a bunch of great deals and freebies for Kindle (or your computer, you don’t need a Kindle) on my Facebook page. Like my FB page so you don’t miss the goodies!


The blogger at Reading-Writing-Learning shares with us:  The Best Way to Teach Early Maths Concepts.  She says, “This week I have a blog on teaching early maths concepts in a fun and easy way – using your fingers! Yes it is good to use fingers to learn early maths and I tell you why in the blog. I also give a few fun games for learning bonds of 10 and then link you to picture I have drawn showing great tips for teaching the 3x; 4x and 9x table using your fingers.

Homeschoolers are in the best position to choose the best, most efficient and most fun methods of teaching. I think you’ll enjoy these ideas.”



MomSchool shares some simple tips for teaching homeschool science.

Can Biology Make Sense– a thoughtful, thought provoking, meaty post, rich with ideas and links to further reading, by a homeschooling mom with a degree in genetics.

Nature Study and Science

 Down a Rabbit Trail shares a post is about feeding our children’s interests and passions…for her youngest child, an obsession with all things weather related:  Lightning, Hurricanes, Tornadoes:  How’s the Weather?

Art and Music

The most recent Charlotte Mason blog carnival was on the arts. Check it out.

Music to Soothe the Weary Soul– by a homeschooling mom who knows what she’s talking about.  You need to read this post and get to know this blogger.  Trust me.


In Conclusion:

Henry at Why Homeschool is looking for help on the Carnival of Homeschooling: Looking for thoughts and insights on the Carnival of Homeschooling

It’s a good idea to look ahead and see where you’re going in order to assess if what you’re doing now will get you there.  Here’s a post by a homeschooled grad now in college. He explains how his homeschooling (his mother uses Charlotte Mason’s methods) prepared him for college.

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