K-Drama Review: Who Are You?

Who Are You? 후아유*

This season of K-dramas had two ghost stories.  Master’s Sun is one of them, and my preference.  This is another ghost story and also a mystery. The main lead is a female cop who nearly died in a shooting six years ago. She ended up in a coma for the last six years, and when she awakes, she has no memory of the shooting itself, or of the job she was working on, or of her co-worker who died.  However, as a result of her near-death experience, she sees dead people. She returns to the police force, but her job is now in the Lost and Found, a kind of dead end job (did you see what I did there?).  There’s a romance brewing with one of her co-workers in the Lost and Found.  The ghosts are associated with the objects in the lost and found, and each episode is a new mystery as she discovers what happened to them (they can’t talk), and clears their cases.  But each episode also brings up a new question about the accident six years ago.  She’s trying to recover her memories and clear up the six year old case.


Taecyeon, – He plays the co-worker, Cha Gon Woo.   Taecyeon is also in the boy band 2pm, and he played a lead role in Dream High and a secondary character in Cinderella’s Sister. I liked him in both roles.

Kim Jae Wook, he is the dead co-worker from six years ago, now a ghost. He also played the second lead in Mary Stayed Out All Night, and while the script for that show was a total mess, he was fantastic in the role. He’s a really good actor- he doesn’t have many lines here (the ghosts can’t speak, or rather, the lady cop cannot hear them. This ghost does find a shaman who hears him)- but without saying a single word he managed to grieve me and squeeze a tear out with only  his own heartbreaking expression.  He’s very impressive.

So Yi Hyun is our lady cop. She played in Heartstrings (but I don’t even remember who she is), and she was the second sister, Ruby, in Assorted Gems, a fifty episode family drama I haven’t reviewed, but I did find very culturally informative.  Unfortunately, she’s kind of forgetable.

I enjoyed this but if I had to choose, I would not hesitate to drop it and go for Master’s Sun.  The story is interesting.  Kim Jae Wook is really outstanding.  The show is clean, and, depending on your view of ghosts in a show, suitable for family viewing for teens on up, younger if you let your kids watch other macabre stuff.  But…

who are you


It’s likable in a weak tea sort of fashion- it’s cute, but not quite cute enough for a raving recommend.  The main problem for me is the relationship between So Yi Hyun and Taecyon’s characters.  He’s cute and adorable in a teddy bearish sort of way, but kind of hard to take seriously as a crack police officer.    More problematic is that she just doesn’t bring much to their scenes. They don’t have believable chemistry as boyfriend and girlfriend, but seem more like kid brother and older sister, or nephew and youngish aunt.  Their age difference is only supposed to be 3 years, but it seems more like 10. He’s too much of a puppy, and she’s just kind of boring. Noona romances are, as I’ve said before, just not my favorite anyway, and especially not when it really does seem like a noona/dongsaeng relationship.


*As long term readers know, I’ve been teaching myself to read Hangul, and if you can read Hangul too, you’ll get a good laugh out of the fact that I struggled hard to sound 후아유 out so I could figure out the Korean title only to realize….


(the above characters romanized are something like hoo ah yoo, or…. who are you?)


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  1. Posted September 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    I’m laughing aloud at your sounding out the title in Hangul — when I watched the first episode I did that, too and I was so focused on the sounds that the meaning didn’t register right away. o.O

    So Yi Hyun played the dance professor that Lee Shin had a crush on at the beginning of Heartstrings, and yeah, she’s kind of forgettable. Seems like she only has three expressions. And no chemistry. With anyone. She probably puts Botox in her face and you know what that does to your brain.

    I loved the first four episodes — they were so creepy I had to watch them wrapped in a quilt because of the chills. I loved the way they did the frozen ghost in episodes 3 and 4. But then… it seems like ghost stories quit being interesting on their own — they were just to move the plot along a little or do some foreshadowing — so it got less interesting.

    I did like the very end of it though. It was cute and kind of rounded it out neatly.

    And Kim Jae Wook was great. Hope he gets a leading role next.

  2. Posted September 23, 2013 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

    I only had time for one show right now and went with Master’s Sun. Glad I picked right 🙂

    I’m trying to teach myself Hangul too and kicking myself for not learning when I lived in Korea but I guess if that’s one of the worst mistakes I made as a 16 year old, I did okay (or should I say, my parents did okay :-). But I do remember from the little Hangul I knew then, and from talking to others, that it was fairly common for a sign or notice to be written in Hangul but actually be English if pronounced outloud. I still don’t quite understand why though.

    • Headmistress, zookeeper
      Posted September 23, 2013 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

      My dad spoke Korean, pretty well, according to a Korean friend of mine when we lived in Japan. And I never bothered to learn any of it from him, except, as a child, a children’s Sunday School song, and counting to ten. I’m kicking myself for not availing myself of the chance to learn Korean when he was alive and mentally alert enough to be able to talk to me. OTOH, when I think about what it was like when he helped me with math homework, there’s a reason I never volunteered to learn anything from him.

      And you know, we do the same thing- we write Asian words in the Romanized alphabet because we can’t read theirs very well, or at all, even if they are words or phrases we’ve incorporated into English- hari-kari, bonsai, saki, boondocks, dungarees- more here.

  3. Gracy
    Posted January 21, 2014 at 2:48 am | Permalink

    I agree with your review totally on this drama. Kim Jae Wook is totally outstanding in this drama! I don’t understand why must they pair up taecyeon and so yi hyun together. They dun have that couple chemistry, they have more on the older sister and young brother type of relationship most of the time. In fact if you compare Jae wook and so yi hyun tgt, they look great, n their love story is like the most touching. if only the writer didn’t kill the coma jaewook, they should write that jaewook would wake up and get together happily with so yi hyun like totally. i mean the irony of that so yi hyun has been brain dead and wakes up from her comatose, while jaewook was only shot at the abdomen and the doctor have to say that his condition is worse than her? What kind of freaking theory is that?! well, i watch both Master Sun and Who Are You?. Master Sun was the show that lead me to Who are you?. Master Sun is definitely a must watch. I would only watch Who are you? because of kim jae wook’s outstanding work! =)

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