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Geography, CM style, and some Free4Kindle Books

Charlotte Mason on the teaching of geography, from volume 6 of her 6 volume series on education (used with permission). She quotes Traherne: “When I heard of any new kingdom beyond the seas the light and glory of it entered into me. It rose up within me and I was enlarged by the whole. I […]

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Free4Kindle: History Books!

The Princess of Kosovo In “The Princess of Kosovo,” former 82nd Airborne paratrooper Brendan Walsh powerfully composes his short, heartfelt memoir about trying to keep the peace in a merciless, war-torn town and the little girl he befriends while serving there. Far from your common war memoir, Walsh drags you into the rubble-strewn streets of […]

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If You REally Cared About Women, You’d Be Prolife

Abortion is not a safe procedure. It has high risks to the mother, and they last much longer than the cramping and bleeding: Premature labor with subsequent pregnancies: In the past few years, an ever-increasing number of studies have demonstrated that elective abortions in the first and second trimester are associated with an increased risk […]

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Brainy Fridays: The Busy-Brained Negotiator

This is a post that came to The Equuschick in a moment of sheer inspiration during a fb conversation with a friend whose 4 year old had announced during supper, “Mommy! I’m helping you.” When his mother asked how, specifically, he was helping her, he replied cheerfully, “By eating my supper and not spilling it […]

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Charlotte Mason, Grammar, Prods, Crutches, and I have got to figure something else out here….

We read this today, from Charlotte Mason’s 3rd volume, posted on AmblesideOnline’s website (used by permission): Children must Stand or Fall by their own Efforts.––In another way, more within our present control, we do not let children alone enough in their work. We prod them continually and do not let vol 3 pg 39 them […]

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