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So yes, as some of you guessed, we have another courting couple in the works.  Last week my husband suddenly noticed a certain young man seemingly paying a certain amount of attention to our fifth girl, Pip.  A couple days later, said young man asked my husband if they could get together soon because he had something he wanted to ask him about.  Husband asked him a lot of questions.  A day or two later he came out to the house and I asked him a lot of questions (I think he quaked for a bit while we were talking), and he and Pip spent many agreeable hours together in the sunroom asking each other a lot of questions, and Sunday we all went to Strider’s house and Shasta asked him a LOT of questions, some of which were tongue in cheek (do you wet the bed?) and some of which were not, and then there was a FB status change, so you know it’s official.

We met him about a year and a half ago* when he moved to  Strider’s family area to go to school.  He seemed to be a nice Christian lad,  had an amusingly unruly mop of blonde hair and he was charming and friendly and quoted Shakespeare.  I liked him- not as a potential spouse for one of my treasures, you understand, but just on his own merits as an engaging boy. He’s a likable guy, and I have a fondness for unruly and longish hair.  If it was up to me, the Boy would have hair down to beyond his collar, but the Boy doesn’t like his hair that long, and my husband’s 20 years in the AF have made him adverse to hair length outside of military regs, and Shasta, because of his military life, feels the same and Strider doesn’t like long hair either.

So, when I responded to his Shakespeare quote by commenting, “Oh, cool! The Moptop knows Shakespeare!” I meant that in a totally good way, which all of my family understood.  It was meant entirely kindly,  like ruffling a toddler’s hair, or pinching a youngster’s cheeks.  Only he, poor lad, heard disapproval.  We didn’t know that he’s thought of that several times over the last year and a half.

Over the last year we’ve noticed him from time to time, still maintaining our initial positive impression. He and Pip were friends, for a while they attended the same small college and were in the same Bible class at church, and they shared some other interests (Dr. Who, mostly).  About 9 months to a year ago I noticed, or thought I did, that he might be interested in Pip in a deeper way than as a fellow Dr. Who fan,  but a very short time later I changed my mind and decided I was misreading things. I asked my husband about it once, and he said he thought not.  Turns out that one of those times I was right, but he decided it wasn’t a good time for him to pursue such an interest, so he redirected his thoughts.
Then a little while ago he cut his hair- quite short.  “Awww,” I said to one of my girls, “Did you see?  The Moptop cut his hair.  How sad.  I wonder why he did that?”   The girls mostly agreed with me and then we forgot about it.

I was both amused and chagrined to learn this week that it’s my fault The Moptop cut his hair.  He wanted to make a good impression on us, and thanks to my comment, he mistakenly thought that I looked upon his shaggy doo with a jaundiced and disapproving eye.

Let us have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of The Moptop’s locks of glory.  Let us have another moment of silence while The DHM reflects  upon yet another instance where she regrets to be reminded that though the tongue is a small part of the body,  yet it boasts of great things. See how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire! It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

And then we shall cheer up to remember that hair does grow, and far more importantly, we also have high hopes that The Moptop and our Pip will grow as well, in wisdom, in grace, and in their love and care for their Savior and for each other.

Having embarrassed both of them as only I can, I think my work on this post is done.

(you can read about the next stage in this relationship here).

*I met him about 18 mos to 2 years ago.  Pip and the HM have known him for closer to five years.

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