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Free4Kindle: A Dozen Free Reads, Mostly Frugal and How-To; 5/31

Preserve Protect & Defend This looks really fascinating: While investigating corruption and evil alliances within the American government, an assassination attempt on Vice President Aaron Banner leaves him in a coma. Only a week earlier, Aaron gave his chief of staff, Paula Brackett, an envelope with instructions to, “Open only if something happens to me.” […]

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Tyranny: Here. Now.

Tyranny is not around the corner. It is here. Not in an overt takeover, but in myriad small steps. Read more: Nixon also abused his powers with the IRS, but not so egregiously as Obama’s administration has. It’s long past time to abolish the IRS, or at the very least, defang it with a flat […]

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Brainy Fridays? How Does that Sound?

Ok, she’ll be honest, ya’ll called The Equuschick’s bluff. Now she is having a moment where she is all like, “A series? But I’m afraid of commitment!” Alas, no matter. If she is to teach the Dread Pirate Grasshopper self-discipline, she must press on herself. And she isn’t completely unprepared. She has notes, an outline […]

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Four Moms Q and A: Discipline, Criticism, Books for Teens, Home-Birth and VBACs

I have a big question that I’m struggling with right now. How do you deal with criticism in child-raising practices? We believe, I think, like you – in the biblical form of discipline. And we are BY FAR in the minority. How do you deal with it when nearly everyone around you thinks that you […]

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Five Excellent Reads: Ph.Ds, Birds and Bees, Becoming a Sheepdog, and more

1. Reason offers an excellent but hypothetical commencement speech, which includes: Children are a blessing. College students spend a lot of time trying to avoid getting pregnant. Before you know it, you will be spending time trying to get pregnant. Children may interfere with your work and your sleep but for many of you they will […]

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