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Sunny Day Activities for Littles?

Sunny Day Activities for Littles? This may seem an unusual and perhaps even an unnecessary topic. “Doesn’t she mean rainy day activities?” you ask yourself. But in fact, no, things to do with your littles outside on a sunny day is precisely the literal content of The Equuschick’s thoughts. But there is a philosophical question […]

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Planned Parenthood and Human Lives

Planned Parenthood CEO Lied About Not Knowing of #Gosnell Horrors. Raise your hand if you’re stunned. No? Me neither. If you are, you need to broaden your information sources. “Scientifically, there is no doubt when individual life begins… The only controversies on this point are political and philosophical.” Much like slavery debates in the […]

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HG: Co-sleeping does not cause SIDS. The research saying otherwise is seriously flawed, failing to distinguish between drug using or alcoholic mothers and non-substance abusers. Personally, I am tired of having medical advice dictated to me under the assumption that I am just like a woman who won’t stay off of illegal drugs for her […]

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Homeschooling Assignment

Select any political speech, news article, or editorial, though one with which you don’t entirely agree would be ideal. Copy and paste the article in question to a word processing document or a blog. Then read it through from start to finish once.  Read it a second time slowly, very slowly. As you read each […]

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Wild Turkey Grill

Saturday morning my son and husband went turkey hunting. They each got a bird within seconds of each other- large, meaty birds.     “And just think,” said my husband at dinner time, ” 12 hours ago it thought it was going to have a good day.”

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