Making Cottage Cheese

Last week my baby girl had her 17th birthday. That’s our sixth 17th birthday amongst our children, for those who are counting. We have one more to go. About that same time, she described herself as a ‘typical teenaged girl,’ and my homeschooling rebel mama soul shriveled just a little bit inside, giving a little deflated hiss of sadness. I failed, I failed, I failed- you know the mantra if you are a mom, although your causes may be different. She is different from the four eldest and even the fifth at the same age, as I explained in the post about how the somebody let that pop culture cat out of the bag, and that cat? It is not letting itself be stuffed back in. In fact, I have kind of given up and joined it, albeit with my own flavor preferences.

I shared this comment with some of my friends, noting that I felt like I had the world’s most adorable cuckoo in my nest, and those who know us in real life laughed and reassured me. And then this week we had a excess of sour milk, so my 17 year old informed me that she was going to make a huge batch of pancake batter and some biscuits for the freezer, and when i asked if she could also make cottage cheese- she did. On her own. And she took the photographs below to document the process for me. Let’s hear it for my typical teen.=)

First, find a good recipe  You might find it useful to print it out.

cottage cheese receit

Measure your milk and your vinegar:

making cottage cheesemaking cottage cheesemaking cottage cheese


Combine in heavy duty cooking pan and heat, using a thermometer to be sure you get the correct temperature:

cottage cheese making


Stir gently.

making cottage cheese

When curds form, drain carefully:



Making cottage cheese

Salt and stir:


making cottage cheese

Reserve the whey for other use.  Refrigerate the cottage cheese.

It took about 8 cups of milk for 1 cup of cottage cheese.


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  1. GrannyTea
    Posted March 6, 2013 at 8:04 am | Permalink

    Your great-grandma (other greats before her, I’m certain) made cottage cheese–delicious. However, once in AR while visiting a farm family, home-made cottage cheese was part of the dinner. Thinking it would be as good as me mum’s, I served myself a healthy scoop. It was AWFUL! VERY SOUR. Must have used too much vinegar or didn’t rinse it or whatever. I’m certain yours is delish!

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