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Fellow K-drama fans (all 3 of you), Werewolf Boy starring Song Joong-ki is now out and subbed on GoodDrama.net and Netflix.

It’s billed as a fantasy melo about a feral boy. You can read more about it and its wild box office successes here.

SJK starred in The Innocent Man, also called Nice Guy, played the merchant boy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and he was the younger king in the early episodes of Tree with Deep Roots.

I’ve read that some American viewers say it kind of reminds them a little of Edward Scissorhands.

I totally see that.  It’s a lot like Edward Scissorshands.

With the exception of a few dark and confusing moments at the beginning, the first half is totally adorable and quite funny.  At the halfway mark, it starts to get  darker as the fantasy/melo elements kick in and some very ugly, hateful outside forces threaten the happiness and well-being of the little family caring for the boy they believe is only a feral child, and the boy tries to protect those he loves.

This must have been stunningly lovely on the big screen.  It’s a charming, poignant, bittersweet,  fairy tale.  Very well done. Bring your hanky.


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Where to get your fix: Sites where you can find subtitled K-dramas (and dramas from other countries, as well. I’ve watched a handful of J-dramas (Japanese) and TW (Taiwanese) dramas, but I vastly prefer the K-dramas, even though I know more Japanese – I got an A in my Japanese 101 class back in the day, when we actually lived in Japan and once I even knew both hiragana and katakana- but still K-dramas interest me vastly more).

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