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I keep a stash of little treats for the grandbabies.  Actually, I have two stashes of treats. One is at home in special tin in my room.  The other is a roomy zipper pouch in my purse for bribing grandbabies at church. With so many very popular aunts, uncles, cousins, and Strider’s very fun cousins […]

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Four of Our Six Grandbabies

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Housework Tips for Messies

Here are a few small things I’ve heard over years that were a huge help to me- when I actually used them, that is: The Messies manual advice that you start in one corner and work your way around the room, don’t run off to do ten other things.  Quit when you need to quit, […]

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Midas Whale, “Folsom Prison Blues”

The FYG shares the following: Midas Whale, “Folsom Prison Blues”

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4 Moms Q and A Thursday; weaning, shortcuts, ‘I hate you!’ and more

For an indefinite amount of time, three of the Four Moms will be entertaining questions every Thursday. We have no set routine for which questions we answer, and we don’t discuss it ahead of time. We just choose the questions from our FB that we wish to answer. I find out what Connie and Kim […]

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