Seven Salmon Recipes for Using Leftover Salmon

Most of these are recipes for which you don’t need an exact amount of salmon.  Just use what you have.  Use leftover salmon, or use canned salmon.

1. Curried bean and rice salad, an easy and frugal recipe, becomes something extra special when you stir in whatever leftover bits of salmon (or shrimp, or ham) you have. Broiled salmon really deepens the flavor.  Serve with sliced cucumbers and yogurt.

2. This rich and creamy Salmon soup recipe is easy to make.  We have it with canned salmon, but it would be even better with some broiled or grilled leftover salmon, and, again, the amounts are not that important.  Use what you have.  Delicious with biscuits on the side and some slices of fruit.

3. Try mixing some leftover salmon into Potato Pancakes to make a frugal supper a little more elegant (and protein rich).  Serve with applesauce and green beans as side dishes, or  perhaps a nice dish of kale with currants (YUMMY) for an extra burst of super nutrition and taste.

4.  Salmon Croquettes– serve with jicama, or ginger sesame slaw. If you are eating low-carb, have them as is, if not low-carb, fry the croquette mixture into patties and serve on buns.

5. salmon quesedillas – these are seriously delicious for such an easy recipe.  We also like to mix up the salmon mixture ahead of time and take it on camping trips, grilling the buttered tortilla and salmon mixture over coals.  Sometimes I take this same mixture and mix some mayo into the salmon filling and have the salmon salad on a stick of Bok Choy or celery.

6. Cauliflower soup- this is a quick and easy recipe to make and it’s good with leftover salmon stirred into it.  Scroll down for the cauliflower variation.

7. Stir into this ‘farmer’s fry,’ an old style skillet egg recipe.


We seldom have leftover salmon anymore, but once upon a time we lived in the Puget Sound area and a friend with connections to several family fishery businesses supplied us with literally all the fresh salmon we could eat each year. It was heavenly, and I really miss it.  Now we mainly eat canned salmon, which isn’t as good, but we are blessed to be able to buy that using Amazon affiliate link money. You can also find canned salmon at the local dollar store, usually more affordably than the supermarket.

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