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Four Moms: What does your daily schedule look like?

I’m in the midst of revamping our schedule, not for any particular reason except we’ve finished up several school books and it’s time to rotate in some new books and a fresh routine because otherwise I get stale and bored. We’ve also had several weeks of off and on schooling and mostly off housework as […]

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Remember My 2.00 Vintage Kitchen Chairs?

This is what my teens and their friends like to do with them. They can get a little rowdy:

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If The Show You’re Watching….

Includes one or more characters suffering from Amnesia…. Includes one or more characters with a brain tumour or some other incurable cancer… Includes both of the above…. Has a plot involving a birth secret…. Shows people driving their cars at night with the dome lights on, so you can see their faces…. Includes people secretly […]

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January, 1968

January 23, 1968: Attack on The USS Pueblo. January 30, 1968: Start of The Tet offensive. More military history dates for January here.  

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Tricksy Cherub

The Cherub likes to hide things from people.  She also likes books.  She rifles through them, sometimes tearing pages on purpose, shudder.  She likes tearing paper, too. She pulls the books off of one book-case in particular and moves them around the house- she’s quiet and she moves stealthily, so we don’t always catch her […]

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