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1984 is Here

According to this article,  new education ‘guidelines’ require teachers to pull more than half of the reading assignments for high school from… what? Dickens? Austen? No, of course not.  Not even Bradbury, Tolkien, Rowling, or a Stephen King.  The new Common Curriculum requires that high school students read- for literature- ‘informational texts.’ Literacy experts point […]

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Thanks Again, Greyhound

At 10:30 yesterday we decided the rest of the family would drive to Denver to go to our friend’s wedding (“Mom, get in here,” hollered Pip, “Daddy’s got his scheme-face on!”). At 1:00 they left.  I stayed home with the Cherub because there are not enough drugs in the world for me to get in […]

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Never, never, never, never, never, never….

Taking Greyhound again. Pip and Jenny were supposed to take the Greyhound bus this morning.  They drove down last night to the town with the station, stayed overnight with their sister, arrived at the station in due time this morning and waited two hours in the snow and ice, spoke to multiple GH employees on […]

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Egg beaters in the living room….

Egg beaters on my living room floor (one in a puzzle box, do not bother to ask why), books scattered everywhere, socks in the kitchen, toys flung to kingdom come, wrapping paper rolls, wrapping paper scraps, boxes, ribbons, bows, desultory piles of lap rugs, shoes and scraps of clothing where tiny mites have discarded them […]

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The True Philosophy Behind Homeschooling

“…Having herself been brought up at home, in a large house full of assorted relations who were mostly mad, and having found this interesting and entirely satisfactory, she was always ready to take a rather poor view of what she called institutions.” Hare Sitting Up (Inspector Appleby)

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