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The Reading Habits of the DPG & Other Habits of the Family in General

Just finished reading out loud: The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Paperback) The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicles of Narnia, Full-Color Collector’s Edition) And he really enjoys browsing, all by himself: John James Audubon: The watercolors for The birds of America And it is that last that is the most peculiar, and yet the most […]

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Here’s to Twinkling City Lights!

(image courtesy of┬áKaren’s Whimsy… more lovely public domain art!) My husband’s grandmother lives in the same big city that’s home to the children’s hospital where our firstborn spent three weeks of his newborn life, including his first Christmas and New Year’s, and then a year later where he spent his first birthday and second Thanksgiving. […]

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Four Moms Q and A

  Q. I have scoliosis. How do you manage baby-wearing if you have a bad back? I have scoliosis, too. sat down or laid down with fussy babies more often than I walked them. I used a sling with the youngest two, and that helped. I used the rocker a lot. I sometimes just endured. […]

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Blurring the LInes Between Prison and School

Vista Grande High School in Casa Grande, Arizona, held a lock-down drug sweep on October 31. Students Inmates were confined to their classrooms, then led in small groups to another room where they were forced to line up against a wall and be searched with the help of drug-sniffing dogs. This exercise introduced a new […]

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Quotes and Pics Around the Common Room

The DPG at Thanksgiving: “I am going to eat all this yummy food! And then my tummy will hurt.” My son and one of his nieces (the Ladybug, whom the Striderling her cousin calls “LaLa”) The Dread Pirate Grasshopper!: Nod to Pip and the FYG: “Step into my lab!” The creek and woods at sunset: […]

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