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Somewhere That I Used to Know

Look here– just to about the 32:15 mark- forget the actors (although I really like them both)- look at the location. Squeal! Pick it up again at 33:21 to about 36 or so. This is one of my favorite places in all the world. And then lastly, at 56:40 for about ten seconds. I’ve been […]

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The Story of a Slander

In my pursuit of K-Drama obsessions, in that round about, rabbit trail chasing, hard to follow random chain of associations that typically accompanies my short but intense attention span, I came across this true morality tale about the damage slander causes, particularly when combined with what I would have to guess is simply a nasty […]

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O best beloved CR readers… would you share with me your favorite barley recipes? I like the stuff, Strider likes the stuff, and the Striderling likes the stuff… but we’ve also got five pounds of it, and that’s a lot for a little family. 🙂

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The Hockey Stick’s Michael Mann and the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize, long past it’s sell-by date, once (in 2007) awarded the prize to the IPCC. Mann was one of the lead-authors (not THE lead author, just one of several) on the work the IPCC did in 2007, and the IPCC gave him a plaque, apparently (no independent confimration of Mann’s claim on […]

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Teen Pregnancy

“An effective strategy to combat teenage pregnancy must address the issue of male responsibility, including statutory rape culpability and prevention. The increase of teenage pregnancies among the youngest girls is particularly severe and is linked to predatory sexual practices by men who are significantly older.” “It is estimated that in the late 1980’s, the rate […]

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