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Corporations and Government: Frying Pans and Fires

“…despite the technological miracles, it felt strange and threatening that our world was being shaped by corporate returns on investment rather than by passionate political leaders who listened carefully to us, the people who live here. I wondered how companies and industries could possibly provide a humane, integrated vision of the future and a strategy […]

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The Common Room Freezer Meals for September

This isn’t exactly what we did- I have exchanged two of the meals we used that were more involved to prepare with two recipes that are much easier to prepare. I reduced the ingredients so that, with the exception of Bombay Chicken and the Hamburger Broccoli dish, each recipe will make approximately 3 meals serving […]

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Four Moms- What It Looks Like With a New Baby in the House

Who are the Four Moms of 35+ kids? We are: Kim at Life in a Shoe: Kimberly at Raising Olives: Connie at Smockity Frocks: And ME! It’s been fourteen years since I had a new baby in the house that I had delivered. Even when we were having new babies, what things looked like changed […]

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Would You Please Pass the Salt?

“Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with each other.” Mark 9:50 The Equuschick adopted this as her mothering meditative verse the other day, on the principle that she and Shasta are the first Christians her children will […]

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More Tips on OAMC

I began a sort of OAMC (once a month cooking, or bulk cooking, or freezer meals) tutorial here. I gave a list of the recipes we’d be using after inventory of our freezer here. For other recipes, check out our cooking blog, and be sure to look at the OAMC recipes. It occurred to me […]

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