Carnival of Homeschooling

The Carnival of Homeschooling is now, I believe, one of the oldest of its kind on the internet. Most people have moved from this old-school style carnival to linkies. By ‘old-school’, I mean old in computer/bloggy terms, which is about three years, I think, although this Carnival has been around for about five or six years. I am speaking of the sort of carnival where participants email their links to the blog-owner, who then copies and pastes them into the post, with comments if desired, or a theme if that’s what the blog-host has chosen. Now most people use the linkies and let the participants do the work. Easier on the blog-host, but the reader gets no context or personal commentary, either.


But let’s begin:

Linda Dobson, a voice of experience at Parent at the Helm,  reviews Off to the Summer Olympics! by Rebecca Rupp, and other homeschool resources, a timely post. Think of it as visiting a booth at the curriculum fair, but your feet don’t hurt, and there’s no pressure to buy.

Jamie Gaddy  blogs at, where she has a post about the way she uses the internet for Keeping Their Brains Active During the Summer.  She says that, “Making kids use their brains a little throughout the summer can help them retain the information they worked so hard learning.”
Over at Why Homeschool, you can read about their fifth day of DIY Chem Lab School– sounds fun!


I am a fan of productive summers, and I believe kids are happier when they are productive as well. As a mom of seven kids, with two more unofficial foster kids and four small grandbabies, I have a long list of fun and productive things for kids to do- things that don’t cost money and that can be done with what you usually have on hand- I published them in the Kindle book 101 Answers to the Summertime, “Mom, I’m Bored” Blues; help your kids use their free time creatively and productively. Give them ideas that will help them use their time and energy to create, to learn, to grow- to contribute. This is not your average ‘keep the kids out of your hair’ book.  I also have a lot of free ideas here on my blog- search for ‘index card files.’  That’s because I started collecting these ideas way back in 1984, when my second child was born, so I had to save them the really old-school way- on index cards in a recipe box!

Speaking of productive: This is an outstanding post!  Laura Grace Weldon writes about How Kids Benefit From Chores, and she has quite an interesting story to tell about a neighbor girl. It’s remarkable how much learning happens when kids help out with household responsibilities. They also hone traits and skills that contribute to success in adulthood. Find out how!

DenSchool asks How Hot Is It?, and offers up a Fun post about the great things you can do during the summer time – like melting crayons, sun brewing tea and testing the temperature outside.  You can even turn them into science experiments!


Chris Shaw blogs about the importance of teaching  Children Where Food Comes From.

Serfronya presents Learning to Draw with Living Books posted at Cookie’s Domain.

Phyllis Sather shares a warning about making decisions without all the details. Do not judge, or you too will be judged.. Matthew 7:1

How to Homeschool with Little Ones in the House!  that’s an important question answered at  It’s a Boy’s Life

No fighting, no biting! had a fun experience, an author read aloud!:  even in the wilds of Maine we have cultural opportunities like children’s author Chris Van Dusen reading his books.
Denise presents Build Mathematical Skills by Delaying Arithmetic, Part 1 posted at Let’s Play Math!. .

Nebby presents Labelling Children as Gifted posted at Letters from Nebby

Barb-Harmony Art Mom presents Comparing Two Similar Pieces of Art – Summer Art Continues posted at Harmony Art Mom.


So- slim pickings this week, isn’t it?  And if you clicked through before, you saw that I accidentally included a spammish type link, and I try never to do that.  It’s deleted now.

Are you a homeschooler?  What are you doing this summer?  What are your plans for fall?  Getting into back to school shopping?  Don’t miss any of these important, but often over-looked back-to-school homeschool tools!


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