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Carnival of Homeschooling

The Carnival of Homeschooling is now, I believe, one of the oldest of its kind on the internet. Most people have moved from this old-school style carnival to linkies. By ‘old-school’, I mean old in computer/bloggy terms, which is about three years, I think, although this Carnival has been around for about five or six […]

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Mob Rule

In 1630 a terrible plague infested Milan, Italy. In the mid-1800s, Alessandro Manzoni, an Italian author, sought to write a novel of historical fiction after the fashion of Sir Walter Scott, and The Betrothed, or I Promessi Sposi was the result. He set the novel in the 1600s and the plague of Milan plays a […]

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I love my husband

Back-story: I don’t normally think of myself as a vain woman, in fact, I lean toward slightly careless (or independent, depending on who you ask) in my style of dress and hair. However. The so called ‘Mask of pregnancy’ never really left me. For a while, I thought it looked like I’d been eating chocolate […]

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Miscellany from the HG

… I told Strider a few weeks ago, “We should have a yard sale!” And he said, “you’re crazy.” Now that we’re less than 24 hours from the event, I am realizing his assessment was an accurate one. Oh well. It will be a good experience, I’m sure. I’m counting this as a trial run […]

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Yeats Again

A PRAYER FOR MY SON Bid a strong ghost stand at the head That my Michael may sleep sound, Nor cry, nor turn in the bed Till his morning meal come round; And may departing twilight keep All dread afar till morning’s back That his mother may not lack Her fill of sleep.

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