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Arizona Republic has a good article about the use of phonics in teaching kids how to read. A 2000 report by the National Reading Panel virtually put an end to “The Reading Wars.” It deemed phonics as critically important combined with whole-word strategies to enhance comprehension. Basic phonetic rules help children sound out words, but […]

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Thank-you, Lord

I think most of you know that we still own a house in Colorado. It’s a Colorado Springs address, although it’s ten miles east of the springs. We haven’t been able to sell it. We do have renters. Mostly, we break even, until they want something repaired and then we lose the entire cost of […]

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Narration, and More

Narration is the first response to books when using a Charlotte Mason Education. You continue narration all the way through school.  But as the students grow older and more accomplished with narration, beginning somewhere between 9 and 12 (and probably closer to 10-12) you can add some other things as well. Consider this oft overlooked […]

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Hurting People’s Feelings By Living Frugal, Talking About, Or Making Different Choices

Motivation, or attitude, make all the difference in the world. It helps that I am slightly competitive, and I view the whole money thing as a game. I do better when I think of it as a game where everybody out there is out to get me to spend as much money as they can […]

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Free Kindle Titles

Here are some books on saving money that were free for Kindle at the time I posted them. These free books are usually only free for 24 hours, so watch carefully. If you click through and it doesn’t say Kindle Price… 0.00, then it’s not free. Also, you do not need a Kindle to take […]

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