Memorial Day Weekend

Because what is a Memorial Day Cook Out without foam weaponry and little warriors?




Sometimes very little warriors. Tiny, but mighty cute ones.




And medium sized and big ones with awesome dragon armor




And volleyball.

Golf cart rides

Trail blazing as three intrepid young men walked along the creek slashing at the weeds as they tried to create a trail.



There is a mountainous pile of woodchips in the middle of the yard where the children played king of the castle, and we were having so much fun we forgot all about the sparklers. The babies all got gloriously, wonderfully, muddy.





Furthermore: Plenty of food- hamburgers from our grassfed cows, venison from the Boy’s hunting, turkey, ipid; chicken from the supermarket (sorry); all grilled to perfection by Shasta, who also ran the Karaoke.

Because we had Karaoke. Lots of it- from teeny boppers doing teeny bopper stuff, to bluegrass, golden oldies, disney movies, and we closed with the Star Spangled Banner.

This closes out a very busy two week period for us.  We’ve now had 8 different sets of house-guests in two weeks, unless my math is wrong and it was 9.  Or 10.   I spent the weekend taxing my very weak signing skills to the limit.

The Aunts had a lot of baby- watching time.   We turned ten pounds of grassfed ground beef into burgers, made venison strips, marinated 20 pounds of chicken, and seasoned the wild turkey breast (somebody else bought the chicken- the meat was essentially free for us); we made crockpot oatmeal and large batches of muffins, We visited, sang, cooked, cleaned, read the Bible, watched movies, skipped to my Lou and back again.

Shasta and his family are leaving Tuesday afternoon to go visit his grandmother on the west coast.

The FYG gets her braces off bright and early.

I get some raw milk delivered to the house probably just as bright and early.

And then we plan to do nothing all day.  We will not answer the phone.  We probably will not get on line, or, if we do, there will be severe restrictions on time.  We are peopled out and need to recharge our thoroughly depleted batteries.   We are so tired of socializing that we  may not even speak to each other.


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