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Obama’s New Campaign Slogan

  Okay. the original looks slightly different. I, er, improved upon it.

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Father Catches Staff Verbally and Emotionally Abusing His Austistic Son

Here’s a 17 minute recording and video of how the father of an autistic son discovered that teachers were bullying his autistic son at school.The child, who the father says was previously kind, sweet, and gentle- a boy he’d never seen hit anybody- was getting trouble at school for hitting the teachers and throwing things […]

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The Weeds of Convenience in the Garden of Frugality

(adapted repost) We have mostly used cloth diapers for our babies. With my first two, I did keep disposable diapers on hand specifically for ‘special’ situations- when we were going to be out all day, or when we were sick, or some other situation where we were pressed for time or space. Only I noticed […]

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Chris Duarte sings and plays One More Cup of Coffee

Mainly plays.

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Guess Where Jenny Went Last Week

Answer: She went to Belgium!

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