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3 more free Kindle books

Trailing Spouses Guide to Getting Money TutoringFree Kindle bk on making money tutoring. Remember you do not need a Kindle to read it, just click through to Amazon and see how it works. I’ve read the first few chapters, and it looks useful to me, in spite of a jarring ‘loose’ for ‘lose’ typo. “Trailing […]

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Birthday Present

Shasta went to the farm house and dug up lilac bushes for me and brought them here to transplant.  He and the Boy dug holes and planted at least eight large lilacs. They also found that four lilacs which had been planted several years ago but were eaten by goats and then mowed, have actually […]

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Humble Pie for The Equuschick and a Spoiler Alert for the Reader

(That last is a warning for any readers who might ever want to readBrother Cadfael.) (Oh and also, do excuse the harried writing and the mixed tenses and everything else grammatically and artistically wrong with this post. The Equuschick was up at midnight writing it and that’s all she has to say about that.) So […]

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Facebook and Other Tidbits

BTW, if you’re not following me on FB, I’ve been posting links to many free Kindle books (free at the time of posting). You don’t need a Kindle to read them, either. Click through one of the links and see how to get them free on your computer- the formatting is different from reading an […]

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Diagramming Sentences

The curious art of diagramming sentences was invented 165 years ago by S.W. Clark, a schoolmaster in Homer, N.Y. [1] His book, published in 1847, was called “A Practical Grammar: In which Words, Phrases, and Sentences Are Classified According to Their Offices and Their Various Relations to One Another.” His goal was to simplify the […]

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