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OnGoing FakeGate

The plot does what it always does: Gleick recently joined the board of NCIS National Center for Science Education. This is an organization devoted to insisting that evolution be forcefed in schools from K-12 and no hint of Intelligent Design or anything that could conceivably lead to a mere hint of it make its way […]

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Siren Song of Advertising

The whole world is conspiring against us, creating the new, the different,the improved, and sometimes the buy it now or you can’t ever get it again, the temporary opportunity to give away our money in exchange for stuff. Why on earth do we need a dozen new flavors of soda, 23 brands of drier softener, […]

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Save on the Electric bill

I proposed that we compare this month’s electric bill to the bill for this time last year and see how much electricity we are using and try to reduce it. has a list of which appliances have the most ‘stand-by’ loads.standby power is electricity used by appliances and equipment while they are switched off […]

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Climate Farce

What if they’re wrong? Kuhn describes very well the build-up of evidence that ultimately leads to the over-turning of accepted orthodoxy within the scientific community, of some particular theory. But AGW is intrinsically wrapped up with political ideology and, increasingly, with economics and government (cf. “Solyndra”). The only apt comparison I can think of is […]

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Frugal Reads

My husband is still substituting at the school, pretty much every day so far. He has an appt for a job interview tomorrow, though he’s not thrilled about this one, and he has spoken to the local gas company about a possible job that he’s much more excited about. We’ve made yogurt and bread last […]

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