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why learn ASLNeed practice fingerspelling, and reading fingerspelling, but don’t have anybody to practice with? This is cool! A video fingerspells words, you type in the word being fingerspelled, and it tells you if you’re right or not. You can adjust the quiz for ability levels, choosing from 3 letter words to 6 letters and above. You can adjust the speed using four options slow, medium, fast, or deaf.

Counting; watch the video. I have a hard time with the numbers for some reason. It’s like my brain just shuts off after a very, very sort time. How short a time? Six.
As Cindy reminded me in the comments, also has excellent lessons. They are helpful to learn sign in small, doable batches.

I use these video dictionaries as a resource often.
There are quizzes on the site as well, but I don’t find them very useful to me. They are multiple choice, so I can always make a good guess. In real life when a deaf person is signing to me, she does not hold up a list of possible things she might have said from which I can choose the best answer.

Bummer, that.

P.S. I think I’ll just keep adding resources I find helpful

Here’s a good one on Deaf Culture with plenty of good stuff on ASL

This is another free online ASL course.     One thing we were told by a trail blazing homeschooler who was studying another language on her own is to use two programs. They support each other, reinforce what you’re learning, and if you don’t get something from one resource, you might get it from the second.

Udemy, a site similar to Khan academy, except that some of their courses charge a fee,  has quite a few educational resources, including a free introductory sign course.  It’s not ASL, though.

Deaf Calvary Church’s Bible signs

ASL Bible- text, voice-over, and sign language all together.  Excellent tool.

dictionary of religious signs

DCMP.Org– free online ASL instructional videos and more.  Excellent resourse.

Free Introductory ASL class- fingerspelling and some cultural information.  Then there are further lessons you can pay for.  It’s only five dollars for a month’s worth of lessons and material, which is very reasonable- especially if you use it for an entire family.

This is a more scholarly discussion of ASL as a language.

Worship signing

A comprehensive list of resources and links

ASL Pro has an ongoing project of retelling Bible stories into sign language.

Free youtube videos of ASL idioms and various ASL lessons (often timely, with holiday lessons)- very useful. some of them are also matched up with clips from the TV show Switched at Birth

Handspeak has lots of resources and information, for free!

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