Combined menu for the low-carb and non-dieting family

Scroll down for a link to the shopping list and the menu with links to the recipes (and some pics!).  The Low-Carb eating tips: The key to sticking to this is planning ahead- keep foods you can eat in the freezer or fridge to grab ahead and take while running errands- boiled eggs, sausages, hamburger patties, home-made meatballs, a ziplock bag lined with a paer towel and filled with dark green leafy veggies.
Keep a jar of green olives, a bag of sundried tomatoes, and a bag of pork rinds in the car.
Make a big batch of muffins, biscuits or bread for the rest of the family so you only have to do that once a week- or better yet, make somebody else responsible for the carby stuff if you can.  If it’s just you and the small fry, if you can afford it buy storebought breads and healthy snacks for them- bananas, fruits, and frozen veggies- my kids loved cold frozen peas when they were small. They thought the peas tasted like candy.
This menu loosely based on the Atkins Induction. You can add vegetables and nuts and seeds if you’re not that strict.

For the shopping list, click here.

Breakfasts: TVP ‘Oatmeal’ for the low-carber.This is a Frankenfood.  If you don’t eat Franken foods, eat low carb leftovers, eggs, or nitrate free bacon and sausage for breakfast (if you’re kosher or halal, you already know there are beef bacons and turkey sausages out there).
REgular oatmeal for the rest of the family.
Microwave Shirred Eggs
Bacon or sausage

The rest of the fam can also choose from one of these breakfast recipes


Blender Broccoli Soup, using cream or unsweetened coconut milk instead of milk,  and cream cheese instead of the flour based gravy (more low-carb thickener ideas here). Seriously low carbers (think Atkins Induction) might stir in pieces of crisp bacon,or a diced hard boiled egg or have pork rinds, a few olives,or a reheated salmon patty on the side. More flexible low carb eaters might try adding cooked wild rice to their soup, and have a toasted low-carb tortilla, nuts,berries, or low-carb muffins on the side.  The members of the family who are not doing low carb can: stir in a diced baked potato. Have biscuits or muffins and some fruit on the side for them.

 Salmon Croquettes– serve with jicama, or ginger sesame slaw. The non-lowcarbers can have these on buns, OR salmon quesedillas for the non-lowcarbers, moderate low-carbers can use low-carb tortillas; serious low carbers could mix some mayo into the salmon filling and have the salmon salad on a stick of Bok Choy or celery.

Cauliflower soup, low carbers have it with bacon or sausage. Non-lowcarbers have it with biscuits, muffins, or cheese tortillas.

Farmer’s Fry (a scrambled egg skillet meal)- Serious low-carbers could just call this a meal, or have a few olives (I prefer garlic stuffed, but man, are they expensive) on the side. Flexible low-carbers might have it with a green smoothy sweetened with stevia and made with rhubarb, raspberries, or blackberries for the fruit. Rhubarb is just about the lowest of the low when it comes to carb counts. I buy rhubarb and raspberries frozen, and I watch for them to go on sale and stock up)- you could probably add a spoonful of Orange Juice concentrate to boost the sweetening since that spoonful will be spread out over three servings for each blender batch. Strawberries, papayas, and peaches also make nice smoothies. They are in the middle range of carbs.  Your non-low carbing family members can have this with toast, biscuits, or muffins on the side along with something like an apple or pear.

Leftovers twice this week.

Skillet pizza– Low carbers could slice a cherry tomato or two into thirds to sprinkle over the top, or add some snipped sun-dried tomatos.

The nonlowcarbers can have the cheese and toppings on a tortilla or an english muffin and add some pizza sauce. Have a family pizza party and everybody top their own.

Side dishes might include a green salad, for everybody,  some fruit (no fruit for the low-carbers), and if you have a really hungry crowd, try the side dish the Pizza Hut in Japan always served- stirfried onions, potatoes, and bean sprouts, fried golden and seasoned well. Obvously, this is not for the low-carb eaters.


Crockpot chicken adobo– leave out the carrots, or not. Seriously low-carbers (as in ATkins induction) may still want to leave out the carrots, substituting Kohlrabi, celery or grated turnip. Serve with  roasted Bok Choy, Ginger Sesame Slaw, or  a green leafy salad.  More flexible low carbers may serve over wild rice.  Non low-carb family members can have it over regular brown rice and any side vegetable and/or fruit. For vegetables, the frozen Asian mix with water chestnuts, carrots and so forth would be good.

Asian Cabbage and Beef, low-carbers could serve with Miracle Noodle Shirataki Rice mixed with Chinese five spice and extra garlic.  This is a product I have not tried, though I have tried the Miracle Noodle Shirataki Fettuccini. The rice is simply the noodles cut into rice sized bits. I didn’t like the fettucini, mainly because of the texture. I am not a big pasta fan anyway. Lots of people do rave about the shiritaki noodles, and we do buy them for the Cherub because of her wheat and egg allergies. I wish I could like these, as they have no carbs at all.  Other serving suggestions: a bit of tofu fried in sesame oil and amino acid Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, something like DeLallo Mild Cauliflower with bamboo shoots. Your non-lowcarbing familiy members can have this over brown rice with nuts, coconut,or chow mein noodles on top.

Mexicali Casserole: serious low carbers leave out beans, add some shredded cabbage or jicama while baking, or add lettuce to the dish when finished. moderately low carbers add black soy beans. Everybody else can have any type of bean.
Low Carb family members: Serve with sides of salad,  rice, chips, refried beans for most of the family.

Low carbers can have jicama chips (scroll down for the link, these are amazingly delicious, 1/2  avacado, or a green salad.

Chicken and Broccoli Bake (this was delicious) serve with applesauce or an apple on the side for the non-low-carbers, buttered, seasoned, and roasted radishes for low-carbers, or roasted cauliflower, or a boiled egg

Mini Meatloaves, Cauliflower ‘popcorn’,baked potatoes for the non-lowcarbers, babygreens salad with blue cheese dressing for others.

Tortilla soup: without the tortillas.=)  Low carbers can have it with pork rinds and half an avocado on the side. Non-Low-carbers can have tortillas or corn chips, refried beans, spanish rice. Everybody could have jicama.Everybody could have avocado or guacamole, too, but that’s more expensive. =)

Low-Carb Snacks

Roasted, in the shell, pumpkin seeds (read the label, some of these add some sugar)- in general nuts and seeds are not allowed on the ‘induction’ phase of Atkins. But 1/3 a cup of pumpkin seeds has 1 net carb.

Jicama ‘chips’ 

If you have egg whites to use up, try:

Almond meringue cookies, (they have 2 tablespoons of real sugar, plus splenda, to make 15 cookies)
or make this sugar free macaroon recipe

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