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Vitamin D (again)

In last week’s post on Vitamin D, Heather asked why I went with supplements (Carlsons liquid capsules) over something like cod liver oil. It’s a good question, with a multi-tiered response. For one, my levels were actually rather scarily close to the “severe deficiency” category (especially so for a pregnant woman planning on breastfeeding) and […]

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The premise is here– basically, that there’s a new class in America, isolated from the rest of us. I don’t know what the author calls them. I call them politicians and lobbyists., but that’s probably just personal prejudice. At any rate, it’s always fun to take short quizzes all about yourself. Try it. See what […]

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The Justice We Owe To Others

“I must hurt nobody by Word or Deed.––Justice requires that we should take steady care every day to yield his rights to every person we come in contact with; that is, “to do unto others as we would that they should do unto us: to hurt nobody by word or deed”; therefore we must show […]

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Yes, But…..

Here’s an article (link now fixed; profanity warning) on how being poor locks you into bad habits, and then, even after you are no longer poor, you still have those bad habits and those failed ways of thinking about things.  This is true. It doesn’t always have to be true, though.  You’re best chance of […]

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Striderling This Morning

Right now he is at the hospital having a swallow study.  We are all holding our collective breath(s?).  He has been eating baby food very well.  He doesn’t do well with thicker textures or with most liquids if he tries more than a few sips. But since he can and does eat baby foot so […]

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