Swedish Christmas Tree Craft

Click on any of these pictures to enlarge. I particularly like this one enlarged, as it appears the faded lead soldier toys in the background are eying this little dollhouse sized Swedish Christmas cookie tree to see if it makes any sudden suspicious moves.  So is the doggie.:

Or maybe he’s just waiting for the chance to snatch a cookie.

The candle at the top of the tree comes from this idea at The Crafty Crow.  It’s the end of a cotton swab rolled in paint- the paint in this case is glue and food coloring.

When I clicked the picture to enlarge, I realize that I forgot to finish it before taking pictures.  Oops.  Three things I really ought to do:

The top branch is missing its embellishment on the right end (as you face the pic)  Said embellishment is a cocktail toothpick.

The ‘cookies’ are supposed to have a bit of ribbon made in a bow and glued to each one where it meets the branch.
I meant to tape or glue a bit of Christmas ribbon around the wooden spool to make it more festive.

This project actually combines three projects from three different blogs, with more than a little bit of my own personal ineptitude which sometimes masquerades nicely as creativity, but mostly looks like a six year old’s craft project.

So, I mentioned The Crafty Crow already.
The tree idea itself is done with far more elegance and even Swedish authenticity here., which is also where I got the pattern for those charming gingerbread cookies.
What I did instead of following directions:
Wooden spool from my stash of vintage sewing stuff.
Stick from out in the yard (that’s the main trunk)
The cross ‘branches’ are actually the stem of a day lily from my tire retaining wall.  I just snipped it into pieces of graduated lengths.
I printed out the ‘cookies,’ hot glued them to the edges, hot glued the day lily stem to the ‘trunk,’ and then added the flourish to the end.  The flourish, in this case, is the completed lollipops from my cornstarch ornament dough painted with blue food coloring and glue, then glittered in a swirly pattern.  I got the lollipop idea from…. oh, dear.  I thought I bookmarked it, but I didn’t.

That’s okay, because the lollipops I first saw were much larger with this, and made with completely different ingredients and supplies.  If I find it, I will share it.  But here’s what I did:
I made the cornstarch dough here.
I rolled it out and used some hor d’ourves cutters to make circles.

Then I snipped q-tip sticks to about an inch long (I used wire cutters), stuck the dough circles in them and baked as the post describes. You can see them if you click on thel ink for the cornstarch dough.
Then the boys painted them for me- blue food coloring and Elmer’s school glue.  I added glue swirls, then sprinkled the wet glue with glitter.

On a whim, I stuck them in the ends of the day lily branches (day lily stems are hollow) and liked it. Red would have been more authentic, but I didn’t have any left that were unpainted.

So I started with this idea, and then used what I had on hand.  What crafty projects are you doing (if any)?

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  1. JuJu and Family
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

    There's nothing common about your Common Room. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.
    Merry Christmas

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