We went and saw TinTin last week.  I really liked it. It’s cute, it’s true to the spirit of the books, it’s fun.  Snowy has little adventures in the background that his master doesn’t see. Guns are shot. People sometimes bleed. One of them dies (a good guy, as it happens). There are free swinging punches, pirates, swashbuckling, and captains. There is hard drinking (Captain Haddock, of course).

There is one startlingly inappropriate innuendo about animal husbandry that I think will go right over the heads of all children under 12 and quite a few over.  It happens so fast that those of us in the theater looked at each other and said, “Wha? Did he just? Really? Did that mean what it sounded like it?” and it was already four scenes past that single line.  I do not know what they were thinking.

TinTin is, other than that single comment, a good boy movie for those who are not pacifists, who don’t mind their kids playing with guns, who don’t get squeamish about fist fights and such.  There were ten of us there.  I’ve read one TINTIN. My son has read more than I know. Pip has read a couple.  Even the people who had never read a TinTin enjoyed the movie. They missed a couple of jokes, but there no jokes that are such insider jokes that not getting them renders the movie incomprehensible.

Sherlock Holmes was cleaner than the last one.  There’s a series of awkward double entendres in a scene where Holmes and Watson are rolling around the cabin fighting while Sherlock wears a dress, and the scene where Mycroft Holmes (played by Stephen Fry) is clearly nude, and they bring the camera angle down as low as they can in order to forcibly make the point that yes, he has no clothes on, while not garnering an R rating.  There’s a lot of violence.  I like violence in my movies.  I adore Stephen Fry with his clothes on. Sans pants, not so much.  I suppose I could admire his courage, because it did take courage.  Ahem.

Two of us went and saw Hugo with friends, and the HG and Strider watched it another day.  Liked it.  I saw it in 3D, which usually makes me sick, but in this case it was just lovely.  There is a bizarre scene where, in the background, a police officer is commiserating with his friend whose pregnant wife has left him.  He asks very personal questions about whether or not the child is his friend’s, and how long has it been since they had relations.  I don’t know why movie makers think this is appropriate or funny or whatever it is they think.  There is another scene where the same officer is trying hard to strike up a conversation with a young woman he likes.  He finds himself discussing cows and their udders. He is also making gestures suggest of a female human being’s ‘udder.’ It’s out of place, but probably over the heads of most of the children.
Otherwise, charming, and somewhat educational as well if old movies and how they were made interests you- and if it doesn’t, it might by the time you finish watching.

The HG and STrider are going to see War Horse tonight.  Equuschick and I are waiting.  For one thing, it doesn’t come to our theater until next week.  More importantly, we must know if the horse lives or dies before we got to his movie.  If he lives, we shall see the film. If he dies, we shall wait for DVD, and even then, the EC may well decline.  She’s already had one horse die, and with the Zeus dog possibly cancerous, she’s not in the mood for another animal passing, even on screen.

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