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Guess what?

6lb 14oz, 191/4 inches of perfectly pink perfection. Everybody healthy.  Some people exhausted. Labour was four or five hours.  The HG’s new nickname should be Speedracer.    

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The Bureau of the Public Debt may accept gifts donated to the United States Government to reduce debt held by the public. Last year, citizens donated 3,277,369.23 to this cause. With all those millionaires claiming they wished more of their money was going to the government, wouldn’t you think there’d be more donated? If they […]

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Breastfeeding Nurse-In

Breastfeeding moms had a nurse-in yesterday in response to a rude and ill informed couple of employees at Target who demanded that a well-covered nursing mother not breastfeed her baby in the store- an illegal demand in Texas, where it happened, and over half the states. Anytime a discussion of something like this comes up […]

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We went and saw TinTin last week.  I really liked it. It’s cute, it’s true to the spirit of the books, it’s fun.  Snowy has little adventures in the background that his master doesn’t see. Guns are shot. People sometimes bleed. One of them dies (a good guy, as it happens). There are free swinging […]

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Have a First Generation iPod Nano?

Apple is doing a replacement program for the first generation iPod Nanos. These were sold between September 2005 and December 2006 and have a black or white plastic front and a metal back. Information about getting a replacement is here….it’s a free replacement, and in the case of at least one friend, the replacement for […]

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