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Warmist Joe Romm of Climate Progress is considered a dishonest bully and a McCarthyist by about all but his fellow warmists. Part II, and Part III are also good reading, as is part IV. In fact, if you are given to the dishonest mental shortcut of dismissing somebody with whom you disagree with ‘That’s a […]

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Of Charles Williams and Peanut Butter

Williams’s best novel is entitled Descent into Hell. Here we watch a perfectly unnoticeable and respectable historian damn himself to Hell by an unremitting sequence of very small petulant choices. Nothing big. But again and again and again he will not have the Way of Exchange—My Life for Yours. At one point, it comes down […]

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"Life is cheap, abortion makes it cheaper."

The source of this statement? Stephen King. Currently reading his book The Stand. Not going to recommend it per se, and if in fact you are unmarried The Equuschick strongly encourages you *not* to read it and there’s been a page or two she just flipped past entirely, but she is not going to lie […]

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Burdens Still To Bear

One of the things Jen Hatmaker wrote in the ‘After the Airport’ post about adoption was not specifically about adoption, and for some reason, it really resonated with me: the big moment – be it a blessed high or a devastating low – is never the completion. The grief and struggle, the work and effort, […]

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It actually was warmer in England in Roman times

Eco-Who, an eco friendly site on sustainable living, run by people who: are interested in fact led research and development that leads to a better future for all; ClimateGate is very indicative that at the very core of climate research the high standards that we all expected for such core research are not being upheld. […]

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