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Persimmon Cookies

I was going to take a picture of one of those for you, but then I realized I’d accidentally eaten the last of them while catching up on some other internet reading. oops What can I say? They’re tasty! We just got back from spending the night with Strider’s grandmother in another town. Every year […]

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BEST Temperature and Climate Change

There’s a huge tiff in the Climate Science world- the lead author of some recent papers analyzing BEST temperature data issued some public statements about the results of their research that took the second author by surprise, completely.  She says the statements are not warranted by the data and do not accurately reflect their work.  […]

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Menu Plan

Breakfasts– Omelettes, oatmeal casserole Lunches: Peanut butter soup quiche leftovers pea soup Wisconsin Cheese Soup Quesedillas, Sonora/Arizona style       Supper Spinach lasagna (with squash instead of pasta) Beef heart enchiladas Brazilian Quiche Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken Chop Suey Leftovers

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Devotional Reading for the Kindle

(Updated September 2016) FREE!!!   Works of John Bunyan – Complete including 58 books – Pilgrim’s Progress and The Holy War are my favorites.   The God of All Comfort– free at The HG  read this beautiful book and found it very helpful when she was going through the Striderling’s trials. One of the most […]

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I’ve got a food stamp challenge list of meal ideas over at The Common Kitchen, as well as a picture or two (out of focus, but still pretty) of the cranberry pear cobbler the FYG made tonight.  Also have a picture and recipe of a very low carb wheat free pumpkin muffin made with Chia […]

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