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Ways To Use Up Leftover Ham

  A few weeks ago I found a large ham marked down at the grocery store; Strider looooooves ham but we almost never eat it because it’s almost never at a price that works well for our grocery budget. This ham did, though, and we’ll be eating from it for a while to come. 🙂 […]

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The Poor Zeus Dog.

He has a biopsy scheduled this coming Tuesday to test for Lupus or other auto-immune disorders. This depresses The Equuschick considerably.

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The DPG’s Chore Chart

I posted about it over at Frugal Hacks. This wall hanging I found at a yard sale was my jumping off place.

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My bathroom smells like ham.

Any guesses as to why? Hint: These three things are associated with the reason. 1) a sleeping baby 2) an efficiency apartment 3) a food processor and a bunch of leftover ham More on it later, including all the ways we intend to use said leftover ham, but for right now the baby is not […]

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Four Moms: Memorization **And A Give Away!**

Don’t miss what the other four moms have to say: Raising Olives, Life in a Shoe, Smockity Frocks, and ME, at the Common Room This week we are discussing memorization. Obviously, or at least it seems to me something I would take for granted about my family, most of our memory work has focused on […]

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