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Step Two is- wait, you ask, where is step one?  Scroll down for step one. 

Step two is finding a method that works for you- mine is putting everything in a space I want to clear in a big box or laundry basket and then focusing on those things one at a time. Happily, there is an online organizer who uses just that approach.  Somebody else may find that approach overwhelming (HG, I’m looking at you), and needs to tackle areas in a more global way (does that even make sense? ‘a global way’ sounds like corporate jargon).  You know, big picture on down, vs small picture on out.

Fortunately, there is a method for everybody online somewhere:

I shared several helpful sites on getting the organizing and cleaning it up act together in this post.

Somehow I missed Organizing Junkie’s 52 Week challenge, or maybe I just forgot about it.  Yeah, and she’s already on week 34.

That’s okay, though, because her approach is so easy to customize.  In fact, her approach begins with customizing-

Week 34 was on craft supplies.: there is a fine line between craft supplies and junk.

Oh, ouch.
Actually, it wasn’t just about craft supplies- it was about anything you allow to accumulate because you like that stuff, and then it was about limiting your fun stuff to the space you have for it.

No, the space you really have for it.  Honestly, really, truly.  Only that space.

Unfortunately, craft supplies?  I have a room.
It’s the second biggest bedroom in the house and it has two closets.
Only, it’s also Jenny’s sewing room.

So that’s definitely one of my projects.  But again, it needn’t be craft supplies- that’s the cool thing about Organizing Junkie- unlike other plans where everybody cleans the fridge on the same day, she lets you choose your hot spots. The first week was for everybody to choose their own 52 organizing projects for the year.

But you can start anywhere- it’s okay that it’s week 34 or more.

Her Process steps are really helpful. I think she’s my new favorite.  That’s because this step is how I function at organizing and cleaning- when I do those things:

Remove items – empty the space completely so you can start from a clean slate – this is much more effective than just shuffling everything around.   Remove then sort & purge

 This works for me because otherwise I am paralyzed by the distraction of all that junk clamouring for attention, yammering at me to handle it, think about it, make a decision about it at once. Shoving it all in a box stills the noise so I can process things one at a time. 
Of course, this is a disadvantage when I can’t finish a project at once, so the box gets shoved in my closet and forgotten about it and I find treasures six months later when I get to my closet.

So, yeah- craft room up first, then my closet.

You want before pictures?  I am just not sure we know each other that well.

So pick a plan:

31 Days To Clean – the book is only 5.00 on the Kindle, and don’t miss the challenge starting in September.

Fly Lady has a control journal for holiday cleaning, this would work for a short and quick emergency cleaning as well, and she has an emergency cleaning set of instructions.  She irks me to no end (a shiny sink does nothing for me at all, and I will not wear shoes in the house), but a lot of people have been helped by her programs.

How to Clean Your House in 30 Days in 20 Minutes a Day

The Grand Plan: “Written by an online support group, the Cleaning Grand Plan is designed to help you clean and organize your entire home in 14 weeks. Since it was first road-tested by the Prodigy Get O-Homelife support group in 1991, the Cleaning Grand Plan has helped thousands of families dig out from disorder, chaos and clutter.”
There is also a Holiday Grand Plan, and they have a challenge that starts this coming weekend!

Messies Anonymous’s Sandra Felton has a website, email list, and free printables, lots of encouragement from somebody who has been there.

If you have another one to share, please do.

What about step one?  Being the fly by the seat of my skirt type person I am, I just decided that step one will have to be tomorrow.=)

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  1. Phyllis
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 11:35 am | Permalink

    Thank you! I think this is (or will be) rather timely for me. I'm still really tired, but I've come out of the pregnancy/newborn fog, and the mess around here is bothering me horribly. I also think I'm somewhat of "a messy" naturally. I had just recently subscribed to those emails, and they look like they'll be helpful for me.

    Another site that has helped me in the past is
    It's not just an organizing site, but she talks a good bit about "the reasonably clean house," embracing the fact that it takes time to clean, motivation and so on.

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