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Eat More Choklit

If there are flaws in this study, I don’t want to know: This review looked at data from 114,000 participants and it is pretty much conclusive. Basically, looking at that pool of data, the best results showed that people who consumed the most chocolate carried a 37 percent lower risk of developing heart disease and […]

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So If You’ve Read the "The Edison Trait" too…

Who are you? The Equuschick is a Dreamer. Shasta and The DPG are Dynamos/Discoverers. As is the FYG who, despite what she may try to tell you, totally craves power.

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Hospitality Quote

“Martha Stewart didn’t invent hospitality. More radical still, she hasn’t perfected iteither. Hospitality as presented to us in the Bible is not merely a practice. Instead, it is a way of life; a whole life view of the coming of God’s Kingdom that offers us auniquely Christian ethic.” More here

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Jenny’s Reupholstering Another Chair

Take a look at the chair to the right of the couch- not the bright green one at the front of the picture, but the one with its back to us. This was an old green corduroy chair from The Rattery.  The green was a bit darker than it shows in the picture- kind of […]

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FLDS Update

I started covering the FLDS story back when the state of Texas responded to a phone call they really had to have known was a hoax by kidnapping some 400 children and adult women it dishonestly claimed were children. The state of Texas engaged in other acts I think will be recognized as violations of […]

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