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Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Sacred Harp singing: If you’re not familiar with this, the first bit they are singing the notes rather than the words (fa so la…)

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Mom I’m Bored and There’s Nothing To Do for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Play with a small super ball (like you’d use for jacks) or a small car and a paper towel or Christmas paper tube. Or toilet paper tubes.  Tape some together.

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It’s past time to hold the line

Via Hot Air: When Obama was safely ensconced as a backbencher in the US Senate, raising the debt ceiling in 2006 (to $8.95 trillion) was “a sign of leadership failure.” Five years later, Obama’s colleagues passed $4.5 trillion in new debt ceiling limits while controlling Congress, and now Obama wants another $2.7 trillion…. He was […]

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Stealth Education

Read aloud from Pilgrim’s Progress, a Jane Austen book, and a biography. Played a math game on the computer Packed up a lunch (with appropriate discussions of food safety and nutrition), went to the nature center and sketched leaves, looked for birds, played with the educational exhibits in the children’s room. Went to the store […]

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Keeping Faith When Your Spouse is Deployed

I really love the advice found in this article. For example: . Love is mostly what you do. Feelings will follow along with what you do. If you spend your time and emotional energy keeping in touch with your spouse, then your spouse will be the one you have feelings for. one of the ideas […]

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