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CPSIA- August 27 the 100 pmm lead in substrate standard goes into effect and will be retroactively applied to all inventory of all products for children 12 and under. from the comments to Rick’s post: [CPS staff]… essentially admit there are no benefits to the 100 ppm limit.  In addressing the American Academy of Pediatrics’ […]

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Four Moms Picnic

 Don’t miss what the other three mamas have to say: Kim C at Life in a Shoe Connie at Smockity Frocks  Kimberly at Raising Olives   When my children were little, sometimes we had picnics out in the backyard, or we packed up snacks and went to a park or a creek. Sometimes if the […]

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Yard Sales, Blueberry Pretzels and Insanity

 The above mug isn’t actually a yard sale item.  It’s going in the trash because the handle is broken and it’s chipped in four or five places.  But for a long time it was my favorite mug. When the handle broke I used it as a pencil holder because I loved it so much.  We […]

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Open Heart, Open Home, Week 1

This is will perhaps seem disjointed- I’m just reading the book and commenting on the things that strike me in the order that they strike me. You may be a more organized reader and thinker than I, or you may find that some other point I didn’t even mention is the crux of a particular […]

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Yard Sale Madness

This is just, as Berty Wooster might have said, the old p. t. of the i.  My living room is a disaster.  The kitchen has been commandeered to run huge batches of dusty old glassware from the Ratter through the wash.  I have a three foot high pile of clothes and vintage linens in another […]

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