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The Children of the Royal Wedding

Here’s more about the children in the wedding, including my favorite, little Grace, who clapped her hands over her ears when the planes flew over the palace. Such a cutey. I love that one of the children is the child of his former nanny, and another the son of his secretary.

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Headache. Overslept after a rough night. Pip is at work, Jenny and the FYG are at a self defense class.The FYB is mowing Shasta’s lawn.Blynken, Nod, and the Cherub are here with me. Alone.Poltergeist opened top kitchen cupboard and shot out a couple glass casserole dishes, shattering them, leaving shards of glass from one end […]

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American Home Magazine, 1943

Kitchens, redecorating, gardening- fun stuff. The cover is not quite so vibrant as this picture makes it appear- my flash kind of cleaned it up a bit. It is pretty, though: I really liked this idea for making a vertical garden: click on the picture to enlarge. It looks like this would work next to […]

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Royal Wedding: Hats

The FYG actually spent the night at Granny Tea’s and got up at 4:00 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding. She didn’t watch it all, because there were so many hours of coverage. She loved the hats- even the ones she didn’t really love. She sent me this link, saying the first one (on the […]

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Old Curiosity Shop

I like symmetry, so I was delighted when two primitive wooden bowls showed up at the Rattery: I found these brightly colored wooden dominoes a few years ago at a thrift shop.  Children have played with them, sorting colors, matching number patterns, adding dots on a domino, just making domino trains to knock down. I dumped […]

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