Frugal Lessons Learned On the Way 2

thrifty frugal vintage kitchen tools cupsOur first year of marriage was a year in abject poverty- and that is no exaggeration.  Then my husband joined the military as an enlisted man and things were better, but sometimes we still had difficult time making a paycheck last until the next one.
We learned some principles that have been very useful to us.  I’m sharing ten of them over the next ten days, in no particular order.  It’s nothing I haven’t shared before, but sometimes we all need reminders.

2. Sometimes it seems like everybody in the world wants your money, and sometimes you really don’t care because you want a lot of the stuff they’d like to trade for your money.  But you probably really don’t need that stuff badly enough to justify getting it on credit, now do you?  Layway here, six months same as cash there, easy low payment of 20 dollars a month elsewhere…. It seems so easy and it’s not that much, and what’s the big deal, anyway?  ALL the other families in your neighborhood/church/kid’s school/study group have __________ already.

But before you know it, it all adds up to the point that your paycheck is all promised away before you’ve even cashed it.  Don’t let your money be dribbled away like that.  Be strong, and save up the money yourself=- if you don’t have the discipline to set aside that ten dollars a month in your own account, you don’t need to be messing about with credit; it’s dangerous. And when you set aside the money yourself each month for that coveted item, you may just find that you do not want that junk after all, and that’s even better.


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